Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


2. Where am I?

My eyes peeled open in taking the new room I was in. Where am I??? All the sudden the memories flooded back to me as I started shedding tears on the warm comforters under me. I wiped my salty tears off my cheeks as my mascara was probably smudged. I looked around the room once more. The room was like a master room, it was huge! The room color was a warm peachy color with mirrors and a couple paintings on the wall to complement it. Then I found I believe it was, the door to enter and exit the room. Then there was a drawer with a lamp and draws to put your clothes in. Then there was a desk near a door, which was either a closet or a bathroom. The desk was a glass top with a couple papers on it. Then I looked to my left to find a bedside table with a beuatiful necklace in a case opened up. I took it out and examined the fine accessory.

"Wow" is all I said in a low toned voice. I wonder why or who would leave this here. I put it back in the case where I originally found it. I got up from the bed to check the door that I found near the glass desk. This place seems.. Expensive. Like mansion wise. I opened the door to find it was a huge closet, walk-in. It had a whole wardrobe of clothes, shoes, make up, hats, accessories, anything you could think of was in here basically. I checked the size. It was mine. I decided to check some more of the shoes, ring sizes and more of the clothes. They were all my size. Is this for me? Like this is getting creepy. I know I have been taken, but is this a joke? I Left the closet to see another door, probably the bathroom. I opened to see that I was right. The bathroom was amazing. It had a hot tub sized tub with jets and granite flooring. I loved it! I checked the shower and everything and found some soaps, a new toothbrush, toothpaste, girly needs (if you kno what I mean), razors, and things like that. They were just for girls though too. Odd. This is really getting weird. Did 'he' set this up for me or once again is this s joke? For all I know I could be half way across the world. I need to get out of here now. I looked around at the windows around me I saw a couple. I saw one in the bathroom and two in the actual room itself. I went to the ones near the bed I slept on and opened the window. I got met my the cool breeze blowing around my curls. I looked down to see a terrifying drop. No thanks. There was no ledge or nothing. This must be a really big house then. Obviously a mansion. I decided to go back to the closet and pick out something to where, since I was still in the same clothes. I went in and grabbed some red, black, and white black pajama pants. I then searched for some tanks topsails the thicker straps. I found a grey one and but that one on over my bra. I then decided to go to the bathroom and wipe my face and tie up my hair. Once that was done I opened up the door to where my room was and saw a long hallway with a couple other doors. Then I looked around to see a staircase. I closed my door slowly and quietly as possible and tip toed to the staircase. The sun was shinning through the windows that were placed randomly in the hallway. I reached the staircase to find some parts of the floor leading to different rooms. I tried to be as quite as possible and it was working as I stepped down the stairs. It almost looked like I was trying to be as careful as can be like they were going to break ifu stepped on them harder. I reached the last step I pressed my foot on it lightly. No sound. Phew! That was close. I peeked my head to the room on the right to see a very nice living room it had a flat screen TV, tropical plants here and there a huge comfortable looking couch that was a beige color, likewise to the walls. And then some little design-like tables floating around too. I saw a mood of curls leaning over a table looking at something on it. I was behind him and everything else mostly in the living room. The TV was also on with a commercial on. The volume wasn't really that high either because it sounded like mumbling coming from the TV. 

"You don't have to hide." How did he know i was there. 

"Why should I listen to you?" I spat at him.

"Because I saved you."

"Saved me? More like kidnapped" I said rolling my eyes. He finally stood up facing towards me.mis tall figure, emerald green eyes. Curly locks swept to the side. White t shirt and black skinny jeans. With brown shoes that looked like they were worn out. And then his tattoos on his upper arms. 

"Feisty now are we?" He said giving a smirk showing his dimples.

"Who wouldn't be in this position!? I have been kidnapped from a freak that I don't even know!" I said raising my voice.

"I have a name you know. And I did save you." I said with a serious look. 

"Then tell me how and why" I said sitting down on the couch. 

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