Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


6. Welcome To America

"Fight number six is now boarding to America. Flight number six is now boarding." The Flight assistant said. 

"Let's go" Zayn said flashing a smile at all of us. I just smiled back not knowing what to say. I swear I pt looked like I was going to pass out before I reached the boarding doors. I'm leaving for bleeping America! I'm leaving all my family behind in England. Just because these crazy people want me dead! 

"Are you ok, Becca, it looks like you are going to pass out?" Harry asked with a worried expression written all over his face.

"No it feels like I am" I said looking down after handing the lady our tickets. Feeling like the room was spinning I grabbed Harry's shoulder walking steadily and limping as my legs were giving out.

"Please don't, Becca, don't!" Harry started saying as my eyes were getting blurry as we reached first class. I saw Julia and Zayn rushed over to me as if I was in a movie and it was slow motion. What is happening am I like "allergic" to planes. I have been on one before. Or is it because I have a possibility of loosing everything? Ya that's the reason. Before I knew it everything, again, went pitch black.









"I'm hoping she wakes up soon! Like she has been passed out for almost half the flight!" A girl voice said in concern.

"I'm pretty sure she should be waking up soon, if not we have a big problem" a thick British accent said. Almost husky. They sound so familiar. I stuttered-ly opened my eyes. It was a bit blurry at first but everything went clear. Everything once again hit back to me as I saw Zayn rush over to my side. 

"She's awake" he said happily. 

",,,,Yes I am and I'm hungry" I said, my voice sounding a little rough. 

"Well we have the flight attendant to help." Julia said smiling.

"good because I could eat a cow right now" I said sarcastically.

"sorry I don't think they carry those" Harry said trying to put a serious face on but failing. I pouted pretending-ly and called the attendant over for assistance. I put on my politest face ever and asked her if I could have a bag of Munchies with a turkey club sandwich and some grape juice. I know I am hungry sorry. She nodded and left to get the food. I saw that Zayn was ready to black out now as his eyes kept trying to flutter open but failed to do so. I snickered at that and saw the lady come back with my delicious food. Her name tag read 'Maggie'.

"well thank you... Maggie!" I said making sure I got the name right by looking down again.

"No problem anytime!" She replied back with a fake smile. Hm what an actress. Psh. Pathetic. I gave her a dollar and smiled with a smart look. As she smiled displeasing. Ya that's what you get. And plus she forgot the cheese on my turkey club. Shame on her. I gulped down on my food and saw now that Julia was out as well. S it just le me and Harry I moved in next to Harry and saw him with his headphones on listening to some music. He took them out and looked at me and smiled and said,

"Are you hungry now?" 

"I'm perfectly fine now I'm actually full. And sore I disturbed you ill just go back to my seat while getting up on my feet. He grabbed my wrist and tugged me down. Now that took me by surprise. He was pretty strong.

"no I want you to stay." He said giving me a cheeky grin. Oh this boy is just full of surprises I guess.

"ok then well hi!" I say flashing the goofiest smile ever. We laughed and just forgot about everything like it felt that I was 11 again and didn't have to worry about anything at all. 


Before we knew it our flight landed and we were here. Wow! I'm in America! I'm in America! During the rest of the flight Harry and I fell asleep with me on his shoulder and him on the window it was actually quite funny wheniwoke up to him like that s I took a pic and saved it as my Lockscreen. But we all got out and entered yet another car. I'm hoping no more ba digits but I know that they are way more deep down and inside. There is only yet to come. 

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