Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


9. Uh-oh pt 2

"And we meet again" he said smirking down at me. I just nodded and took more sips from my drink.

"Well then, your welcome" he said chuckling at the thought of me choking down the drink he go me. I scoffed.

"Did I ever say thank you? Nope" I said a little rude.

"what? I can't say you welcome?" 

"I never said that.." I trailed off. 

"Mmm" is all he said.  It was a n awkward silence that came upon us until he broke it.

"So how bout I meet you at the patio to show you an amazing view that will blow your mind" he said with a massive smile on his face.

"Sure I should get going then!" I said getting up and out of the pool. I saw his gaze on my lower half of my body. Uh boys..





"This is beautiful" I said looking out at the sunset while the stars are slowly popping out on the other end and the moon is almost at it's highest. It was truly mind blowing as he said.

"I told you" he said coming to my side wearing black jeans with a button down top with a dark blue blazer. The breeze picked up a bit as my white skirt blew to the side a bit. I also had on a purple sleeveless button down top and my curls down with a white headband completing the outfit. We went inside the restaurant that attached to the patio for dinner. We ate and before I knew it, it was time to go. 

"Well I should get going. And thanks for dinner." I said smiling.

"No problem. Oh and can I at least walk you o your room?" I nodded and headed towards the elevator. Right as I was about to press the button he said.

"Let's just take a shortcut" he grabbed my arm roughly and dragged me into a hallway where it was dark and gloomy. He put is hand over my mouth as I tried to scream. I bit his hand as he cursed. I started running away as he caught me again.

"You are not going anywhere!" He spat at me. He continued to drag me to an unknown place until he heard footsteps. He pulled me into the wall and crashed his lips to mine. I opened my eyes to see a maid just cleaning around and going the other way. I started to make sounds beneath his lips as he just tightened his hands around me tighter. I finally kissed back giving up to him. He is a great kisser tho. But that's not the point. When his grip soften as he was apparently mesmerized by the kiss I pushed him off of me. We were both out of breath as he caught me once again and put a covering over my mouth. I kept squirming to try to get out of his grip, with no use. We finally made it to this room with technology everywhere he put me in a chair and tied my hands up. He took the covering off my mouth. And went over to a huge computer on the wall.

"Harry was right!!!" I spat at him.

"Well I guess this time lover boy can't be here right now." He said.

"What to you want from me?"

"You" he simply said.

"I'm not worth anything especially in your time" I rudely said to him.

"Like you said you are irresistable." He said acknowledging my words. Has he been watching me!,!?!!?! Oh my god! Pervert. I gave him a glare as he kept working on the computer. 

"Yes I got here. Ok...yep...ok see you then." He said over the phone. Great now what's happening. Probably gonna get shipped somewhere or something. I wish this never happened. I wish none of this ever happened. I started tearing up as the tears slowly mad there way down my cheek and dripping onto my skirt. Wait! I had my phone! In my skirt!! Yes. I saw Liam going to a different room and shutting the door. I also heard a click saying that he locked it. I saw hat my chair was a wheel one so I slid my way over to this wall thing that had hooks sticking out. Liam is really stupid for putting me in a wheels chair. I lifted the chair just enough so the hooks can pull the knots out. I was successful! I grabbed my phone from my skirt pocket and quickly dialed Harrys number. I heard it ringing and went to the door to exit. And it was locked. I couldn't unlock it as I didn't see any thing for the keys. I heard Harry on the other line and pick up. 

"HARRY OH MY GOD YOU WERE RIGHT ABOUT LIAM HELP ME IM STUFF ON FLOOR 3 IN A DARK HALLWAY. IT'S ROOM NUMBER 132!!!! PLEASE HURRY!!!!" I whisper shouted into the phone, but for him to understand me just enough.

"I'm coming!!!" He said. Right before he hung up I heard him shuffle from wherever he was and then the line went out. I waited next to the wall where the door was until he came. After about 15 minutes of me crying my eyes out. I heard footsteps coming my way. I heard mumbling and shhhhing out in the hall. Next thing there was was dead silence and then bullets going to the door. That scared the living heck out of me. I stood up and wait until the door fully opened. Finally the doorknob gave our and I saw Harry and Zayn together with guns in there hand searching the room. Once they turned they imediality saw me and grabbed my arm to get out. As soon as he did that Liam came out with gun in hand and pointed it directly at me. 

"You move, I shoot" he said looking a me. I got wide eyed and stated shaking. Harry felt me doing that so he pulled me a tad closer enough that out bodies were touching.

"Why are you doing this?" Zayn said.

"Ya what happened we used to be best mates." Harry added.

Liam looked down. "It's for the money and the leader, Andy, made me or else he was going to kill my family" he simply said with sadness in his voice.

"Why can't you stop. You know our program could keep them safe." Zayn said in disbelief almost.

"I guess you are right. I think it's time." Liam said dropping his gun and calling it quits. Harry said that he will call his family and get them to safety right now. So it was just Zayn, Liam and I together. My arms still hurt from his grip. I saw Liam walking towards me and giving me a massive hug. 

"I'm so sorry it was a huge mistake I promise you I am that better person." He whispered in my ear. I then felt a few warm drops on my back and realized he was sobbing. I did np feel bad but really how could I forgive him after everything. I just nodded not saying a full answer as Harfy came in telling us that his family is safe and that he is off the hook. We went back up to the room to finally relax again and settle down. Liam said there were no other bad guys in the building so we are safe for now. And also Liam is staying with us for a coupl days until he goes back to England. Harry and Zayn shared the stories about Liam to me saying that he is 100% ok to be around now and everything. I decided tout some trust back into him again be fore he was going to say his goodbyes. This was an interesting day. 



******Hey! Ok so I know this is probably a sucky chapter but at least I'm updating right? I'm trying my best in every chapter I can. School has started so I'm a freak right now. I will update as best as I can throughout the days!********

~Becca <3


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