Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


8. Uh-Oh pt. 1

I woke up with a loud crash disturbing my sleep. I quickly got up and new exactly what it was. Russians. I quickly packed a mini bag of my personal needs just incase. I searched for Harry to find nothing. I started freaking out again with my hands trembling of fear. I decided to go  to the peep hole of the door and found Harty and a guy fighting. Harry started choking him down and mumbled stuff which I only made put

"Dont touch her!" He spat with angry obviously v.earing through his voice. Who was this "her"? Was it me? All these questions dwelled through my head. Does he possibly like me? No, how could anyone genuinely like me? I stepped back locking the doors and shaking. I waited awhile and heard someone trying to open the doors.

"it's me, Becca, open up" he said. I just raced to the door and unlocked the door. He rushed in as he was showing frustration across his face.

"Are you ok?" I asked soothingly while sitting down on the bed patting a place next to me.

"Ya I'm fine I just hate how they all just want to try and hurt you." He said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"I'm just irresissitable." I said trying to crack a joke. It worked as he chuckled and and his dimples pop up.

"Thats pretty accurate." He said smirking again. I leaned in for a hug.

"Thank you" I whispered in his ear as my hot breath tingled around him as I saw goosebumps form on the back of his neck. I smiled as he gulped down and cleared his throat letting go of the hug. 

"Well then, I'm pretty hungry. Lets go downstairs to eat." I said walking to the bathroom. I let my hair fall down into loose curls everywhere. I cleane d,yused up a bit. And decided not to change yet. I kept on my white top with black yoga pants that I slept in. The whit top didn't actually hug my body, it flowed down nicely. I walked out putting on some Ugg boots. Harry and I walked out of our room to go downstairs. Asi walked out I saw glass shattered on the floor to a picture frame causing the loud crash and left over bloodstains on some of the railing. I looked away I'm disgust and made my way downstairs.

"Zayn and Julia should be don there as well." He said pushing the button to the elevator.


"now these are so,e good pancakes." Julia said with a mouthful of them. We all just laughed at our comment and stated eating again. 

"I almost forgot that I needed to meet Liam today for about 1ish" I said checking my phone reading 12:30. 

"Aww Becky has a date" Jules says like a five year old. I just rolled my eyes and had a little blush. I turned to see Harry as his fists were balled up, knuckles turning white. I could see the anger in his eyes building up. I turned away and looked at Zayn to see him looking down in confusion with frustration in the mix.  What's their problem? Did they know him before ear something? Uhg so many questions! I excused myself from the table and told them to call if anything. I went up to the room unlocking th e door and trying to find a bikini to where for the pool. I finally found a black bikini with colorful paint splotches on it. I went to the bathroom to chAnge into that and found a black cover up and flip flops. I grabbed a towel and phone again and wen to the pool. The pool doors opened as the music pumped in my ears again. I found a spot to put my stuff on and quickly slipped off my cover up and flip flops as I let my hair stay down for the day I walked into the pool towards the bar again I sat down to see the same waiter await for me to order something. I was about to speak as he handed me a drink. I have him a infused look as a drank it as he said,

"From Mr. Payne." He said smiling cheeky. Hm I said thanks and drank the drink I immediately noticed the fine flavors of the delightful drink. Shirley Temple. My favorite drink of all time. I sipped it in joy and tasted the sweet syrup plant into my mouth letting my tongue explore the taste and feel to it. Delicious. I then saw a familiar figure plop next to me getting handed a drink by the bartender.

"Ad we meet again" he said smirking down at me. 

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