Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


15. Trouble

Julia and I let out an ear piercing scream as we saw the man go and the car swerve around. I held onto Harry's arm as the car kept spinning . We came to a jolt when we bounce side to side hitting a pole. I grabbed my phone from a little cup holder on my side and shoved it in my pocket. All the sudden silence came around us with our eyes widen shocked by everything. Zayn had little splats of blood on his shirt from the driver same with Jules. I looked out my window to see cars around my side. I screamed to Harry and them to get down as I saw there guns ready to fire. Dents appeared in my side of the door. Glass broke with a shatter and pieces scraped the back of my neck and hands as I kept my head down.  Zayn opened the door quickly getting us all out. Harry pointed out an opening in a small building about two feet away from us. He hovered over me while we heard the gun shots keep going. On the count of three we ran into the opening. Right as I made it in, I felt a strong amount of pain go up my arm. I kept running holding my breath. We reached another building looking like a rest place. There was no sign of those guys so we quickly ran in. My arm felt numb now as I stopped as we opened the door to the place. I turned my arm around. Pain erupted again by my movement. My eyes widening with fear and pain as I saw a huge amount of blood oozing from a hole in my arm. The blood kept going down my arm, now dripping. Jules, Zayn, and Harry turned around. The wentstraight  to my arm and  gasped. Tears slowly ran down my face as the pain was unbearable. Harry rushed to my side tearing part of his sleeve off. He wrapped it tightly around my arm  securing the wound. I started to feel dizzy again. Harry picked me up bridal style walking somewhere else before I blacked out again. 

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