Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


4. Surprise?

"Where are we going?" I asked annoyed that we have been sitting in here for almost three hours! 

"It's a surprise" he said putting his annual smirk on. Seriously a surprise!?

"A surprise? Do you really think a surprise is going to help me after everything has happened?" I spat at him.

"Calm down, Becca. I told you that you are safe. You are lucky I even helped you." He said getting angry. What happened to him. Ok maybe I was a little harsh but that much?.

"Ok Geez. What happened to you?" I said asking about his sudden mood change.

"Nothing. I'm sorry." He said more calm. I guess I should apologize too.

"I'm sorry also."  I lay back in the seat and let the breeze travel around me whipping my hair. The fresh air traveling up and down my arms feeling free. I wish this could last longer. 


We finally pulled up to another huge mansion. It was beautiful I saw another vehicle that looked just like ours, a black range rover. That's weird. Maybe he has someone else hear. We got out and grabbed all of our stuff and knocked on the door. Ya someone else is hear.

"Hello?" We heard the door open and a very familiar voice.






********Sorry for short chapter will be updating later though!********


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