Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


5. Surprise 2

"OH MY GOD JULIA!" I screamed and wrapped her in a a hug. I started crying becaus ei thought she was dead.

"OH MY GOD BECCA!" She said with tears running down her face also.

"I missed you so much!" We both said. We finally made it into the house together while she told me everything that happened.

"So ya Zayn here saved me." She said gesturing to Zayn. He was kinda cute. But I wouldn't date him.

"Hi I'm Reb-" 

"Oh no worries I know you" he said cutting me off while winking. 

"Ah true" I said nodding. "Oh and Jules this is Harry" I said pointing to Harry across us.

"Hey!" She said waving over.

"Hi!" He said flashing his famous smirk. 

We all got to know some more about each other, obviously not Julia and I but Zayn and Harry. It was pretty fun actually.

"We need to tell you something" Zayn said.

"umm ok what?" I said.

"we have to move to America in order for you both to be safe" Harry said with a serious look on his face.

julia and I both had blank expressions. America. Wow that's far from home. I've always wanted to go here but not this way with these circumstances. 

"What about our families?" I said shakily.

"I promise you they are safe, Becca, I promise. Same with you, Julia." Harry said coming over giving me a hug.  




"I can't believe this" Jules said while making sure she had everything she needed for America. 

"I know right! How did a small shopping trip turn into this?" I asked exasperated. 

"I know I know. So much to take in." 

"Agreed" we picked our small luggage up since headquarters were providing us with all of our necessities down in our house in America. Oh yeah Julia and Zayn our going to be staying with us to thankfully. 

"Here we go" we all said in union as we exited the doors and into the cars. This is it, America. This is so unimaginable. No turning back now.






**** I told ya I was gonna update again!!! Haha well I hope you guys who are reading have a great morning/afternoon/night! Over here it's 12:04 A.M!!! I should get going now! Thanks for reading! :))))))*******

~Becca <3

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