Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


11. Starbucks

Liam, Julia, Zayn, Harry, and I all entered Starbucks. The strong smell of coffee hit me quickly as I smiled in delight. We walked up to the cashier looking at the menu up above us. I pushed my way through them and started to order.

"May I please have a tall Mocha Cookie Crumble please?" I asked sweetly.

"Can i please have a name for this order? Yes would that be all miss?" She said politely.

"Becca and For me, yes thank you."

"Are you guys all together?" 

"Yep" we said in usion.  Then all of the others ordered and waited for our  frapps to be ready. 

"Becca, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Julia!" One of the workers said. We all rushed over to get our drinks and say thank you. We scurried to a large table and started talking. 

"So what do you guys wanna do tonight?" Zayn asked.

"Well we could go to the club place right down the block from our hotel?" Harry asked while intertwining our fingers. He started giving me butterflies by his touch. I smiled and turned back to the rest of our group and saw Zayn wrap his arm around Julia sweetly. Aww those two are perfect for each other!

"That would be cool! PARTAY!" Liam said making us laugh. We gradually talking more about random things and laughing at most of it also. I say today is finally a normal day.




*****Hello my amazing or should I say AMAZAYN readers! Ok so I have a book called, "unexpected love". Should I delete it and start a completely different book with somebody from one direction?? Or should I keep it?? Tell me in the comments below! Oh and before I go, if I should delete it tell me who, out of the one direction boys, should be in the next book? And should it be a sweet love story or a mysterious one??? Make sure to tell me in the comments below once again :) thanks for reading!! 😘***********




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