Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


7. Relax!

The warm California breeze hit me like a rock. It felt so good compared to the London air. We walked into a plane and took another car to the hotel place we are staying at until we find a house.

"So how long am I supposed to be hidden?" I asked out of the blue as I was starting out the window with no eye contact

 "When the leader of this bizarre outrageous people are dead" Harry said quite angry.

"oh" I said nodding.


The car parked us to our destination as we this gigantic plaza was right in front of us. I tell you that this is gorgeous. We got our small luggage from the trunk and said thank you while Zayn payed the man and left. The four of us easily walked In and up to our room.

"we don't have to check in?" I asked in complete confusion.

"They know us." Zayn simply said. Julia and I gave weird confused glares and thinking the same thing. We went onto the elevator as Harry pressed floor '22'. That is pretty high up.the elevator doors opened to find a long fancy hallway. It had decor everywhere it looked stunning. It was unimaginable. This place must be top notch then. Harry and I entered a room together while Zayn and Julia entered the one right next door. Why can't we just go together, Julia in I? Ill ask after. Harry and I entered us putting our stuff down.we both sighed standing in the middle of the room not sure what to say.

"well Erm, if you want there is a swimming pool and a hot tub outside" he asked sort of stuttering I between.

"ya ok ill go check it out!" I say running over to the wardrobe. I found this cute lime green bikini with whit striped going down it. I loved it! I went to the bathroom to slip it on quickly. I slipped by close off and threw on the bikini. I put my hair in a messy bun and got some sunglasses from my luggage. I put this on and grabbed a towel from the closet. I turned around to Harry just starring at my body. Typical boys.

"take a picture, it'll last longer, Styles" I said calling him out while winking. He just cleared his throat and turned a light shade of pink.

"Sorry" he said in almost a whisper. I just scoffed and headed out the door and setting flip flops and my phone with earplugs from my bag. 

"If you need anything call!" I said before completely shutting the door. I went up to Julia and Zayn's door to knock but heard them talking. Sounded important. Hm Ill just go by myself. If she asks then she will probably come but for now. Me time. I took the elevator down to where it says "Pool" and it took me straight there. I saw the elevator doors open and I quickly got out. I saw the doors to an outside area, guessing that was the pool. I went through them and only saw a good 20 people there. Interesting thought it would be more in this weather. I found a spot easily not really next to anybody besides a couple chairs down. I sat back enjoying the sun soaking up my body just enough. I plugged my ears phones in and hit 'Play' on my IPhone as it started playing my favorite tunes. I quietly hummed to Still Into You by Paramore, my favorite song. "I should be over all the butterflies, I'm into you (I'm into you). And baby even on th worst nights, I'm into you (I'm into you)" the words sang through my ears. It quickly ended. And I decided to take a dip. I put my phone under my towel quickly and walked over to the stairs. I put my sunglasses on top of my head and began sinking in to the water. It gave a cool feeling at first but soon became warm and comfortable for my liking. At the sides of the pool ther e were some seats for a bar. I went over to the bar and saw what they got. 

"Hello how may I help you?" The bartender guy asked. 

"May I please have a Bud Light?" I asked politely.

"Sure thing!" He said getting the bottle and un-popping the cap. 

"Here you go" he said adding a lime.

"And may I ask your room number?" 

"Erm 453" I said sure of the number. 

"Ah ok you are all payed for then" he said smiling. 

"Thanks!" I said while he said looking a little bit to the side of me. I saw out of the corner of my eye, a male figure sit down. I turned to him examining his features brown eyes. A decent looking Mohawk styles hair, and nice abs. He was hot. That's all that he was, hot. I finally met his eyes to see him smiling at me with an amazing smile.

"I would've bought you a drink but it seems like you beat me to it" he said flirtatiously. He had an English accent just like me. Sweet! Already something in common haha.

"Ya sorry to bum you out." I said smiling a him.

"And Mr. Payne how may I help you this evening?" The bartender asked. 

"Usual, Steve" he said with his million dollar smile. I looked away and drank some more of my beer. 

"I'm guessing you are new around here" he asked confidently.

"yep I am." I stated simply.

some music just started playing out of no where bursting my ear drums. I looked over to see a DJ in the mini booth with cords and everything. The waiter handed "Mr. Payne" his usual and he started gulping it down.

"Thirsty?" I asked as a little chuckled escaped my mouth. He laughed also.

"ya had a tough day." He stated.


"what's your name, beautiful?" He said putting down the drink looking straight at me.

"Becca, you?" 

"Liam" he said winking. We started talking a bit more he is really flirty. It's kinda odd. But he is just probably wants to get in my pants for all I know and dump me then and there. So I pass.

"I'm not here to fall for some jock, you know" I said now getting down form the bar stool.

"Maybe I'm not that jock." He said grabbing my wrist and turning me around as he also got down form the bar. Wow he is pretty tall. 

"I'm guessing this is part of it to." I rolled my eyes and tried to let go of his grip.

"Playing hard to get huh?" He asked with a cheeky grin. I was exactly right I slipped through his grip and gt out of the pool. Boys. Uhg. I got my phone and towel and tried to get to the doors as quickly as possible as I saw the Liam guy come put running after me. Don't get me wrong he is hot! Beyond hot. But I can't date a guy who is willing to use me and leave me in the dust. Ya no thanks.

"Wait Becca!" He called put ei as I reache done doors. Of course! 

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to seem like that. I just- can you give me another chance. Like c'mon we just met!" He pleaded. Should I?

"Fine but don't mess up Li!" I said going back up to the room

"wait and one more thing!" He said catching back up to me.

"yes..." I asked impatiently. He gave me a piece of paper and said

"See you tomorrow? Pool?" He asked. 

"Sure." I simply said.

"ok, bye babe." Said and just walked off giving me a kiss on the cheek. What the heck was that? All I'm saying I wouldn't go out with this Liam guy. Even though we just met I wouldn't. 



"BECCA SERIOUSLY HE IS NOT GOOD AT ALL!!" Harry screamed in my face with his hands flying everywhere.

"CALM DOWN! We just met all we are doing is hanging out at the pool!" I sad getting aggravated and scared that he is yelling. I flinched at what he was going to say next. 

"All I'm saying that he is TROUBLE! He is obviously just trying to get to you lots of guys to that which is simply pathetic." He said giving me attitude. 

"Why are you getting mad, you don't even know him." I said.

"that doesn't matter but I don't want you with him because I Li-" he literally stood ther Ellie he just saw a ghost. Did he just say that he liked me? Was he gonna say that??? So many thoughts went through my head. 

"I'm sorry I yelled" he said and came over to give me a hug. You could tell it was awkward. I just assured him with a smile and changed into some pjs because I was tired. I noticed that there was only one bed. What why?????? 

"Um there is only one bed,Harry. I can sleep on the floor" I said insisting.

"no no don't so that I could sleep on the floor" he said getting some pillows an throwing them on the floor.

" No it's fine sleep on the bed. I guess we both can" I sad asking slightly.

"ya I just did t want to make it awkward and stuff."

"ya no problem it's just to good friends sleeping on the same bed, right, what could go wrong?" I asked laughing slightly at my remark.

"Exactly! No come in!" He said already wrapped under the covers.


I smiled and slipped unde the covers ready to dose out for the night. 

We were facing back to back until I heard shuffling under the covers. I felt two arm wrap around my body and pulling me into theirs. I blushed at the feeling of his touch and his soft lips pecking my cheek goodnight.

"Goodnight Becca" he said with a raspy voice.

"goodnight, Harry" I smiled and turned my head towards him to see him looking starlight into my eyes. His green perfect eyes bulging into my brown ones. I laughed slightly and turned my head over closing my eyes and falling asleep with Harry wrapped around me. I think I'm falling for him..

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