Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


19. Pancakes

I woke up naturally with some sunlight cracked through the windows. I rubbed my eyes and opened them fully. Harry and I were still in the same position as last night. I looked up to see his green eyes pierced into mine. He was awake. Wow.  

"How long were u awake?" I asked confused.

"Long enough" he said giving his cheeky grin. I scoffed and wrapped my arms in once more. He nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck. I felt his warm breath circulate my neck as it sent tickles down my spine. We stayed like this until he started talking.

"Would you like some breakfast? Pancakes?" He asked getting up.

"please". Smiling, we both got up stretching and getting the ingredients for some pancakes. Luckily Zayn and Julia went shopping before hand.  Harry started putting the flour and water into the bowl getting some specks here and there, though. I propped myself on the counter as I watched him mix everything in. He smirked looking up at me.

"You know you could help too" he said.

"I will, by judging how good these pancakes are once they are done." i smiled cheekily. He rolled his eyes going back to mixing. He finished mixing getting a pan and some butter out. He put the stove on high and took a fork and took some butter out of he container and into the pan. The butter started melting instantly. He quickly got the batter and poured little by little into the pan. He put the bowl down and grabbed the flour to put away. He picked it up, but  a good amount spilled onto his shirt. I laughed loudly as his head was down.  

"You think that's funny?" He said pulling off his cheeky grin.

"yup". I simply said giggling here and there.

"laugh at this then.." 

"Wait wh- HARRY!" Before I knew it, flour was all over my face. Now he was laughing. That boy...

"You better run, Styles" I said before getting off the counter and got two eggs. He finally ranaway. But I still managed to catch up to him while he was in a bad area- between me and the couch. 

"Ha-ha" I said before I cracked the two eggs on his head. I laughed hard as the liquidy substance ran down his hair.

"BECCA! That's my hair!!!!" He said frowning. 

"Man up. Hehe" I said before running to the kitchen to flip the pancake. I was watching it until a hand came up to my face and nasty stuff ran down it. I instantly knew it was batter.  I grunted turning around while wiping my eyes. I got some of the stuff off smearing it on Harry's chest as he was laughing. I was in deep thought deciding what I should so next. I smirked as I saw a bottle of syrup I quickly poured some in my hand and smeared it on the bottom half of his face. We laughed once again. Before I could run again, he grabbed my waist pulling me close. Our faces almost inches away with flour, batter, syrup and eggs all over us. We smiled leaning in. His lips tasted sweet as we kept kissing. A loud beeping sound went off, interrupting us. I looked down to see the pancake and only one we made burnt. I quickly shut off the stove and through away the crippled pancake. Thick smoke covered our room. So we opened some windows and put the kitchen fan on. All the sudden the door burst open to see Julia and Zayn standing there with worried faces to relieved ones. 

"We thought you guys burned the building down! Geez" Zayn said laughing. 

"What were you guys doing anyway?" Jules said.

"making pancakes" Harry said pulling me close to his side. 

"Distracted much?" Zayn replied rolling his eyes. 

"Ya just a little." Harry said. We all chuckled making small talk. 

"So I say we go out. All of us." Julia suggested.

"that sounds good. Let's just hope nothing goes unfortunate" I said giving Harry a peck on the cheek. 

"Agreed" the rest of them said. Jules and Zayn shut the connecting door so they could get ready. Harry and I started picking up the huge mess in the kitchen. After that we took a quick shower- Harry longer because of the dried egg in his hair. What a morning!






*******Hey! Sorry I haven't been updating for awhile. School really sucks :/. But overall it's good just busy. Uhg. Ok so I was thinking of ending this book at chapter 22. No worries! I'm making a sequel :))) thank you all for reading and supporting to keep this story going!. Love all of you! :*

~Becca <3*************


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