Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


14. Moving, again

"Becca, Julia!" Zayn said calling us over from Harry and I's room. I decided to have some spending time with Julia as Harry went to hang with Zayn in his room. We both exchanged curious glances as we got up and headed to the door.

"yes?" We said together. They, Harry and Zayn, both came in and sat us on the bed.

"We have good news or bad news whatever you want this to be." Zayn said again.

"Go on" I said while silence formed the area.

"We have to move again" Harry said. My face read no expression so did Julia's. we just couldn't register about the whole moving thing again. Why do we have to move again? Uhg. Here we go.


"Thank you for picking Jet Blue hope to see you next time! Meanwhile have a great time in Hawaii." The intercom lady said. All four of us grabbed our carry ons and shipped off the plane. There was a private car waiting for us already with our luggage. We hopped in and Harry and Zayn told them exactly where to go. I looked out the window as I heard Harry, Zayn, and Julia talking. I decided to just zone out and see what the land and everything looks like. Palm trees flooded the area. No clouds just pure sun. I saw more of a tropical pleasure in this town. I love it. It's massive tho too looks like lots of land the houses are huge. But it's beautiful. I think I will love this little trip better. 

"Becca?" Julia said shaking a hand in front of me.

""what? Ya huh sorry zoned out" I said looking down. 

"It's fine. We asked what do you wanna do when we first get there?" She asked laughing a little.

"Sleep!" I said while the chuckled and I joined. We talked some more about the islands and oceans they have around here. It sounds fun! I can't wait. But then thats when I saw our driver fall back into his sip eat eyes closed blood pouring out of him from his head. 

They're here.

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