Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


18. It's Just A Dream

"It's ok, it was just a dream." Zayn said softly in my ear. Sweat covered my face with my eyes puffy and red from the nightmare I had. It just felt so real so scary. He cradled me like I was a baby that lost its blanket. I sat up and wiped my face up. I gave Zayn one more hug saying thank you and that I'm ok. I made my way to the bathroom still paralyzed from the dream. Did it mean something? Is there someone out to get me? Wait, everyone wants me. Stupid people. I washed my face quickly dabbing away the jet black mascara under my eyes. I looked like a bleeping raccoon for crying out loud. Once i was finished I left my hair in the messy bun I had and came out. I saw Zayn making some tea in the little kitchen area. Pouring the hot liquid into to cups he finally turned around seeing me walking over to him. He smiled warmly as he placed the refreshing drink in my hands. I gave him a reassuring smile and sipped away. We talked quietly since it was only 3 in the morning. 

"Sorry that I woke you up." I said a little shy.

"Not a problem. I was just trying to help" he replied sweetly. 

"Thank you, then." I smiled and took my last sip from my tea. 

"No problem" he chuckled getting up from the couch and taking the cups with him to the sink. I said "thanks" and watched him put the cups on the sink. I stumbled over to him and gave him a surprising hug. I kinda feel bad that I disturbed his sleep and making him take care of me like this. 

"Oh Becca" he said giving in and squeezing me tight.

"really, thank you. For-for everything." I said seriously. i got no reply as he looked down at me with his famous smile. 

"I'm gonna get back to sleep in Harry's room. You have done enough" I said grabbing the door. 

"Alrighty then. Come back whenever you need too" he said waving behind me. I quietly made my way past some rooms and found Harry's. Well it seemed like Harry because of his smell. He smells sooo  good! Hehe. I tiptoed to his bed to see him spread out all over it. I carefully tucked his arms in and plopped under the covers. I snuggled close to his bare chest, smelling his cologne. I felt warm arms wrap around me pulling me even closer to him. 

"I missed you" he said sleepily. He kissed my forehead lightly as I felt his chapped lips graze the spot lightly. i looked up to see his eyes still closed. I leaned in kissing his lips. How this boy drives me crazy is unbelievable. He kissed back squeezing me tighter. I laughed lightly as we both catches are breath and snuggled close again. 


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