Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


22. Is it over? 3 of 3

"Thank you so much for coming on time" Zayn said handing Julia over to the paramedic while they carried her on a stretcher to examine her. They say she should be okay, which I'm crossing my fingers for. Harry, Zayn, and I watched the police officers arrest and handcuff every single one of those bloody men who were in that building and trying to kill us. I can't wait to go home and see my mum. I'm dreading for that.  I leaned into Harry, his arm around mine looking at the guys. It's hard to believe that this actually happened. That I could be dead if it wasn't for Harry and Zayn. A happy tear escaped my eyes. Knowing that I'm ok, I could relax. Be worry free for once. Zayn came over and gave both of us a huge. 

"Thank you, for everything" I said hugging them tighter. 

"No worries. It's our pleasure." Zayn replied kissing my cheek. I gave him a smile and hugged harry again.  We pulled back just enough so our faces were inches away. I smiled and pulled him in. It feels like my first kiss every time I kiss him. This will never get old. I let go smiling wide at him once more, as he reached in his back pocket for something. A black rectangular box was in his palms holding it out to me.  I opened it to see a very beautiful but familiar necklace. Then it hit me, when I woke up after I got taken by Harry in the room. The necklace was on the bedside table beside me. 

"I never properly asked this, but will you be my girlfriend?" Harry said with the goofiest smile. His cheeks flushed a pinky color as I was in awe. Wait, Harry Styles, i mean the Harry Styles just blushed? I must be dreaming! Hehe. 

"Of course" I said as he pulled me close once more, this time him kissing me. 

"You just made my day" he said after we broke apart. I just cheekily smiled and the same paramedic came over asking which one of us would like to see Julia. We asked if we could all see her. She agreed and lead us over there. Her greenish-pale skin was now her slightly tanned color again. Her hazel green eyes were as bright as daylight. Her arm was wrapped in gauze and probably stitched up. Zayn literally jumped on her. He must be really happy that she is okay and healthy again. I am too, but Zayn just made it look hilarious. 

"Just remember to take saint medication for your arm and you will be all set." The paramedic said giving her a slip to get a prescription. She nodded as she smiled at all of us. At least she didn't have to take a trip to the hospital. I am so glad to pronounce that we are ok. That's all I need to say, we are ok.


***** 6 months later******


"Are you coming down yet?" Harry asked from downstairs. We were going to watch a movie together with Julia and Zayn. 

"Yes I'm ready!" I said opening my room door and rushing downstairs. I was all comfy and ready to watch Now You See Me. All four of us moved in together after everything since we all were pretty close. I stayed with my mum for the three months and then moved here. Everything feels so perfect. We are all happy and settled in. No more dead bodies laying around. No more bad guys. No nothing. This is the most happiest I have ever been since my dad's death.  I sat next to harry basically taking up the whole couch and watched the movie. 



The the movie finished with an amazing ending. All of us though were half asleep. Then a knock was heard from the door. I said I would get it so I got off of Harry and reached the door. My eyes half opened, I unlocked the door and opened it. The last thing I saw was a hooded man with an unknown weapon before I got clothed in chloroform. And I thought I was okay.... But here we go again.



****** NO WORRIES it's not the end. Bi it is the end of this part. There will be a sequel up very soon!!! I will post it on here when it will be up and ready to go. Comment below if you thought this was a good story or even give me some feedback! That would really make me happy! Thank you everyone who took their time to read my movella and hopefully will read more of my own! Love you all 


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