Becca finds herself being taken by the one and only Harry Styles! Is he really a kidnapper or is he trying to save her from her "enemy"?


20. Is it over? 1 out of 3

Julia, Zayn, Harry, and I decided to take a stop at Starbucks. It was a nice day to just walk. Harry had on his black button down jacket and a green beanie.  He looked hot like always. Julia had on a red trench coat that looked great on her. Her hair was pin straight, looking really pretty. Zayn had on a black leather jacket that complimented his black combat boots. I had on a dark green zip up jacket with blue skinny jeans and converse. We entered Starbucks, finding nobody there. It felt like something was wrong in a way. I got rid of that thought and ordered a frappe and a muffin. Julia and Zayn got something with cotton and candy, while Harry got a frappe also. Each of them also got a muffin. We payed to the cashier. He had a thick accent, but I couldn't identify the accent. We got our food and drinks and decided to sit at a table there. We talked for bit laughing here and there. Finally, other people came in. They were all built men wearing he same outfit. That's weird. Their outfits also looked very familiar. Which is even creepier. I gave my friends a weird look as they did the same thing. We bi passed that and started discussing more things. All of them passed our table not paying attention to us at all. But one of them bumped into Harry's chair, apologized while white familiar looking powder stuff speeder it's way onto Harry's straw and probably in his drink.  Wait white powder stuff that looks like sugar. RICEN. that's a highly toxic poison that kills you  in a matter of 30 minutes. (For people who watched whodunnit over the summer, should know how Ronnie died Aka the ricen). The guy left having an evil smirk. Harry picked up his drink with his mouth open ready to sip. Before anything I quickly slapped the drink out of his hands as it spilt it all over the table.

"What was that for" he asked utterly confused.

"Didn't you see that guy who "bumped" into you spill white stuff all over your drink? Well that was poison. Ricen to be exact. " I said in a loud whisper. 

"Oh so that's what that was on some of the table?" Zayn said pointing to it. I nodded frantically.

"we gotta get out of here" Julia said standing up. We agreed quickly getting out. I looked at the guys before we left, all of them starring at me creepily with there smirks.  I got out of that building quickly.  I turned around from closing the door to see lots of scary people surrounding me with hoods. They grabbed my arms before I could get away. Covering my mouth with their hands, they shoved me on a black fan. I found three more people in there with black bag things covering there heads. It looked like they were knocked out because their heads were sagging down. It then hit me that that was Harry, Zayn, and Julia. My stomach turned knowing that I couldn't do anything. 

"This will be quick" one of the guys said as I felt tears prick my eyes. He put a black thing over my head. I smelly a horrible smell going through my nose probably the bag. I instantly started to get drowsy and soon the room became darkness.




i woke up gasping. My hands were tied behind a wooden chair. My feet also tied together. My neck was sore from sleeping on it. The room was old looking with only one light shining down on me with the rest of it looking dark and eery. My eyes found another chair with a body on it, not facing me. Harry. Oh my gosh it's harry. My heart beating fast with the possibility that Harry tried getting away and fighting them off and then possibly be majority hurt. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. I started scooting my chair towards him. Once I got to him p, his face was down and eyes were closed. I scored so that I was now in front of him. I lifted his face seeing a gash right under his eye. Great. I then saw little cuts on his knuckles-swollen. So he did try to fight. Obviously that didn't work. His hair sticking to his forehead from his sweat made him look a little crazy, but hurt inside. It was hard to explain. I was gonna swipe his curls out of the way, but I forgot that I was tied up. I soon heard shuffling for Harry and looked up to see him groaning in pain. 


"Becca." He said opening his eyes. His green beautiful  looked grey and weak.it made me frown. 

"W-we're going to be o-okay" he said stuttering.  His once cheeky smile turned into a fake one. I placed my forehead to mine. Tears trickled down my face. I couldn't help them spill out. 

"Shhhhh" he said calmly. I ignored it and started to sit back up. Before I could his lips connected to mine. It slowly ended, both of us pulling away. I gave a small smile and held back my many more tears. Will this ever be over? 

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