2 hot 2 handle

Jenna Williams just moved to britain. She thinks her life will me miserable but it turns out not to be. This is not for kids under 15


1. Arrival


We landed in britain at 6 am. I couldnt get anything off my mind. Wow, what a typical morning. I feel so weird, new friends, new school, im pretty much starting a new life. When i was walking out of the airport, my cousin Julia was waiting for me along side my aunt Natalia. Thank god julia was my age. She'll definetly help. That was the first day, nothing really happened but the next day was school so we all know some thing will happen there.

The next day i wore a loose hollister shirt and skinny jeans and held my phone as i sliped it in to its sparkly green case. Today was the day i will attend "new britain high."  I was walking to my new locker when a boy slipped and all his papers fell so i helped him. "Thanks" he mumbled. When i looked up i stared into his beautiful green eyes. "Louis tomilson." He said, tone brighter than before. "Jenna Williams," i replied in a soft tone "im new". His eyes were so greeting and fun loving. "Do you want me to walk you to class?" "Id love you to" i replied, not able to think strait. I kept thinking about how our eyes met.

Over the next couple days we got closer and closer but this one day was worth living.  When we were at the park on a friday afternoon. We were talking and he asked me a question, a very random question. "Of course i've always loved music, i sing i play piano, its my life. I replied, and then he said "You know jenna, your one of a kind. I've never met someone like you. Your perfect. These past few days had just been the best and i want...i want..." And then it happened he comed his perfect fingers behind my ear and for the next three minutes his lips were gently on mine touching as if he had the lips of a god. "Dammit" i thought to my self." This guys a freakin pro.

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