2 Fathers

Read to find out. :)


7. The Skype Call.


We got on the plane. That's when I realized I won't be able to see my baby for 2 months. Not watching the fetuses grow week to week. I know I'd can just Skype her but its just not the same. All these thoughts were getting to me, I started to cry. But I guess I didn't notice.

"You okay mate?" Zayn asked me.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I lied. I wasn't fine. I needed to see her.

"No mate, your not fine. Your crying! Please tell me what's wrong!"

"I just, miss her." 

"Aw, it will be okay. I promise. You can Skype her every single night!"

"I know, it's, it's just not the same."

"I understand mate. Before you know it, the tour will be over and you will get to see Annie, Kyson, and Kaden!"

Just him saying their names made me smile. Even if they aren't mine I still love them with all my heart.

"Thanks mate."

"No problem." And he patted my back.



It's already been a month. Yay! 1 more month until they come home! I was sitting at the dining room table, eating alone. Then my sister comes down to see me.

"Hey Annie!" She says.

"Hey." I say.

"Why so gloom?"

"Well, I miss Harry like hell! I know we Skype every night, but not being able to FEEL him. Also, being pregnant isn't THAT fun. I always have a baby pushing on my bladder, morning sickness DOESN'T always happen in the morning, I eat all the damn time, and finally, the worst one, being pregnant with TWINS is double the weight on your back."

"Oh, ouch."

I finish eating and go to my room. I couldn't stand not seeing Harry. I got my laptop and opened the Skype icon. I clicked his name. He answered almost instantly.

"Hey babe." He says, with a huge smile on his face.

"Hey babe!" I say back, also with a huge smile.

"How have you been?"

"Not so good. I miss you when you aren't in bed with me. I miss it when we have those really long hugs."

"Aw babe, I miss those things too."

"Also, Kyson and Kaden are pains. Literally!"

"I'm sorry to hear that babe. I wish I was with you to help."

"I wish I was with you too. But it's only a month left. It will be over before you know it!"

"Yeah, I know babe. Can I see them?"

I nodded and got up. I lifted up my shirt so he could see my belly.

"Hi boys! You have gotten big since I've last seen you!"

At that moment Kyson kicked. It hurt but, that told me he knew Harry's voice.

"Oh my god Harry, did you see that?" I say excitedly.

"Yes, that was amazing. My little boy." He says.


Louis came into the room. He looked at the screen and smiled.

"Hey BooBear!" I say.

"HI ANNIEEEEE!!!!" He yelled. 

"How's the tour been?"

"I have one word. LOOOONNNGGGG!!!!"

"Okay now, shut up before Kyson and Kaden turn out deaf." I joked.

"Speaking of that, how are they?" 

"I went through this with Harry. Harry, would you like to tell him?"

"Sure." He said

Harry told Louis how they were. 

"Okay, I guess we have to get some rest. Big day tomorrow!"

"Goodnight boys!"

"Goodnight!" They said in unison.

I ended the call. I guess I'll go to bed too.

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