2 Fathers

Read to find out. :)


9. Seeing her.


School is starting so I'm trying to get chapters out to you guys (:

And holy shit 100 reads! Thanks so much!

im going to start a Louis fanfic soon so look out (:






Ugh, this plane ride is so long. But it's worth it. I get to see Annie again. I get to feel her lips crash onto mine once again. I bet she's really big now, being 7 months pregnant. I mean I've seen her belly over Skype but not in real life. I just want this flight to be over. 

"Oh my god." I muttered.

"Is something wrong?" Liam asked me.

"No, everything is great. I'm just excited." I say back.

"Aw. I would be excited too if I were you."

"Why is this flight so long?!?" I ask myself.

At that moment the pilot said we were landing. Finally! I need to see her now. I pull out my phone and text her.

"Hey babe. Just letting you know that the plane is landing now. ;)"

"Great! ;) Love you <3"

I have no time to answer her because we have to get all of our luggage. We walk down to the front and, there she is. Looking beautiful, as always. Holy shit she's huge. My boys. Well, mine and Louis' boys. I walk up to her and the first thing we do is, kiss. Like, passionately. God I missed her so much.

"Woah guys, get a room!" Niall joked.

"Ha, funny. After not seeing your pregnant girlfriend for 2 months, you'd do the same thing." I say.

"Well, true. Sorry lad."

After we were done catching up we decided to go home. Like the usual, paparazzi everywhere. Fans chasing the car. All that stuff. Now finally, I get to be alone with Annie.

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