2 Fathers

Read to find out. :)


4. Names!


I woke up to a familiar voice. I didn't know who it was at first, I think it was Liam. 

"Doctor, he's waking up!" He said, I think.

"Liam, where am I?" I was confused.

"We are in the E.R. I walked into your home and found you in your room. You were on the floor, you had bruises all over and there was blood everywhere. Do you remember what happened?" He said.

"All I remember is Harry walking in my room, and he was really mad. I don't know what he was mad about, but to started punching me, and then I blacked out."

It was quiet for a moment.

"I think I know why." I whispered.

"Then what is it mate?" He questioned.

"Annie. The twins."

"Oh, that makes sense. When the doctor told us, I was confused. What happened there?" 

"Remember Zayn's birthday party?"

"Yeah mate, that was a blast!" He said smiling.

"I could barley remember that night, but we all got drunk and I had sex with her. I remember when I woke up we were cuddling and I got scared that Harry was going to find out. But he didn't."

The doctor came in and said I was free to go. I was glad because the hospital was like hell. Liam said he would drive me home. He's always been a good friend. When we got to my house, we found Annie sitting on my couch.

"Louis!" She yelled. She came up and hugged me. "Are you okay?! Harry told me he beat you up and I was devastated!"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just my head hurts a little bit." I answered.

"Well I'm glad you are okay." She says still hugging me. Damn she was a good hugger. And a strong one too. 

"So, how are my babies doing?" I said, rubbing her belly.

"They are doing great! One of them has been kicking me like crazy!" She said, poking at her belly to see if he would kick her.

"Wait, you don't have names?" I asked her.

"Nope. I wanted you to name them." She said with a smile.

Wow. She wanted me to name them. I mean she could have named at least one of them. But after a while we finally agreed on names.

"Kyson and Kaden." She said.

"My boys." I bent down to kiss her belly.

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