2 Fathers

Read to find out. :)


6. A little bit about Emily.


And that's that. The boys just got on their flight. We won't be seeing them for 2 months. I stood there with Eleanor, Danielle, and Emily. Oh, I guess it's that time I tell you about my sister. First of all, she looks nothing like me. I have brown hair and blue eyes, she has naturally blonde hair (but she dyed it red. Like, RED.) and brown eyes. Second of all, we have completely different fashion senses. I like to dress in colorful, cute shirts and jeans. She is always in a t-shirt and sweatpants. I like to get out of the house, and she's always on the computer playing her stupid little video games like 'Minecraft' and 'Sims 3'. Oh yeah, and we both have youtube channels. I make vlogs about the pregnancy and my personal life, she makes gaming videos. I have about 1,500,000 subscribers and she has about 850,000. I could go on for hours but you would probably get bored.

"Soooo," Danielle said, "What now?"

"Nando's anyone?" Emily said.

"Omg, thanks for saying that, I'm starving!" I said.

We arrived at Nando's. Oh my god, there were paparazzi everywhere. They were asking questions like:

"Annie, how are you?"

"How are the babies?"

"Eleanor, how does it feel to know that your boyfriend got another girl pregnant?"

"Emily, how does it feel to have a famous sister?"

"Are you planning to have more kids?"

"Is it true that you and Louis are engaged?"

Ugh, annoying. We tried answering all their questions and walked into Nando's. We all ordered our food and started to talk about baby stuff. Like their room and the decision of if I'm going to breast feed or not. We all said that it would be healthy for them to breast feed. We planned on how the room would look like on this app I had on my iPhone. I start to think about how they would be famous once they pop out. We finished eating then left.

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