~Runaway~ (Completed)

Monroe Hilton Is Bullied on a daily basis and is abused at home Until One Day she runs away where she meets 5 Strangers . How Will It Go Down When They All Fall Inlove With Her? Will her parents come after her ? Read On To Find Out .?


32. Us against the world

I sat there and saw the girl with Harry . I went up to my room grabbed my stuff and hopped on the first flight back to London.


When I got back to England I headed over to our flat to find Harry in the couch laying with that girl . I just became so disgusted I went into the bathroom grabbed a blade and started cutting my wrists.


I'm done with life if the one I love is just going to do this . I kept making cutt after cut . Then everything went completely black ....



Harry's P.O.V.


I heard screams from the bathroom . I slowly pushed Gemma off of me and ran to the bathroom the door was locked so I kept running into it attempting to break it down. The door finally opened up .


Monroe was on the floor lying unconscious with blood flooding from her wrists . Why would she do this ? I grabbed a wet cloth and wiped her wrist and then bandaged it . I layed her on our bed and waited for her to wake .


I headed to the kitchen and made her dinner . I asked Gemma to get the babies' foods .


When she woke up she looked very confused but she didn't want to look me in the eye .


''Harry I didn't do it'' she whispered trying to hide her tears .

''I know princess'' I smiled .


I just knew that Austin was behind all of this . He should have known better than to try and break us up .


I sat next to her on the bed and leaned her head on my shoulder .


''Us against the world baby'' I whispered .

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