~Runaway~ (Completed)

Monroe Hilton Is Bullied on a daily basis and is abused at home Until One Day she runs away where she meets 5 Strangers . How Will It Go Down When They All Fall Inlove With Her? Will her parents come after her ? Read On To Find Out .?


19. Unbelievable .

Monroe's P.O.V.


I Woke up in the middle of the night , well it was practically morning . I looked over at the clock it was 3:31 A.M. here In England . I decided to call Louis. You know , just to tell him It's fine I forgive him but we're not together anymore . I looked over at Harry who was sleeping next to me. I lifted his hands from my waist and got up and grabbed a hold of my iPhone that was on charge.


I dialed Lou's number....


''Hello'' He said as if he had been sleeping .

''Yeah, I just wanted to say I forgive you and I hope we can still be friends''

''Oh , Thanks for forgiving me I don't know how I'd live with myself knowing you hated me .

''Yeah'' I chuckled.

''So frie-'' He was cut off . But Definitely not by me .

''Who are you talking to'' It was a familiar female voice ... Eleanor .

''Wow , really Louis'' I laughed . I couldn't believe it we JUST broke up !

''I'm sorr-'' I touched the end call before I could hear anymore .


I'm just about tired of hearing 'I'm sorry' from Louis . Tired of being hurt by everyone . I sat there just pacing the floors . What was his story with Eleanor ?


I finally fell and on my way down I smacked a glass cup off of the coffee table and Niall and Zayn ran in and Harry woke up . Wait they were here this entire time .


'What happened ?'' Zayn yelled

'Well Hello there My Bradford bad boy and My Luck of the Irish'' I made them blush it was so cute.

''Well what am I ?'' Harry said pointing to himself

''Your My HazzaBear'' I said jumping on his back .

We sat down with nothing to do since it was like 4 A.M. But everything went black and when I opened my eyes it was Morning and my eyes were in the path one sunshine from the sun.


I woke up and saw the boys all on the floor sleeping on top of each other so I dashed for my phone and took a picture and put it on Instagram , Tumblr , and Twitter with the caption,

'They Fell Asleep On Each Other How Cute !'


And that's when Niall's Eyes flashed open to the sound of the camera flashing . I automatically ran upstairs to the Bedroom and locked the door ... But then I heard keys... Damn ! I forgot all about keys !


I looked around the room for a hiding place then I rolled under the bed .I tried not to breath 'cause when I was scared oor nervous I began breathing heavily . So I saw Niall's feet walking around the room and then I saw him get on his knees... I closed my eyes pretending that if I did that I wouldn't be seen .


I opened my eyes quickly and kicked him in his 'manhood' and ran. I heard Niall weeping . Then I felt guilt so I walked back to the room


''I'm so sorry My little Nialler'' I whispered then got on my knees and gave him a hug.

'It's okay just PLEASE get me some ice'' He whispered back . I helped him downstairs and sat him down and got him some ice . Usually I'm a person to laugh at serious moments but I managed to keep my laughter in .


I took out my phone and showed him the picture , ''See your on top of the pile and your face is just adorable !'' I was feeling very stupid When I remembered !


''TODAY'S LIAM'S BIRTHDAY'' I yelled waking everyone up .

''Where is Liam?'' Harry asked the boys .

''Oh , he left when you went to pick up Mannie'' I blushed , I loved that nickname . Just adorbes

''I'll bake a cake'' I yelled even louder . I got out all the ingredients and baked a 2 layered birthday cake but the problem was putting the first layer on the second layer without messing up the cake.


That's when Harry walked in the kitchen .


''Let me help you there love . I use to work in a bakery you know .'' We smiled at each other and I moved away from the cake gesturing him to begin . We put stuff on the cake , decorating it and spelling Liam's 20th in icing . I turned around and kissed Harry's cheek and went upstairs to change .....


(What Monroe Had Been Wearing) http://www.polyvore.com/monroes_party_outfit/set?id=95825823#fans .


I fixed my 'Nerd' hat and went out the door and into my car . I was finally feeling better from  my break up with Louis .

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