~Runaway~ (Completed)

Monroe Hilton Is Bullied on a daily basis and is abused at home Until One Day she runs away where she meets 5 Strangers . How Will It Go Down When They All Fall Inlove With Her? Will her parents come after her ? Read On To Find Out .?


21. Monroe + Harry

We all sat on the couch , well not me I sat on the floor between Harry's legs with my my legs pressed to my chest .


I saw Eleanor stand up about to make an announcment . I started chugging down some water to ignore her .


"Hello everyone , and happy birthday Liam . It's good to be back with the group again . And one more thing , I'm pregnant ." she smiled .

I spit my water out on Liam who just happened to be sitting on the floor in front of me .


He got her pregnant the one night he was with her!?!


She looked over at me with an evil smirk . "Oh my god , I'm so sorry Liam . " I dabbed him dry with a napkin .


I can't believe I just did that . It made me look like I still had something for Louis . It made me look stupid . I sat on the couch and threw my legs over Harry's lap since he had been sitting next to me .


After the party I fell asleep in Harry and I's room and to be honest I was extremely drunk . I just remembered Harry climbing on top of me and a few kisses were exchanged .


The next thing I knew it was morning . My body felt oddly nude . I removed the covers from my body to find that I was naked and next to me a nude Harry .


Oh my god... Did we ... Nooo ! It can't be .


I picked up my robe and ran to the bathroom .


I brushed my teeth and took a nice hot shower . When I was finished I got dressed getting ready for my first date with Harry at 'Le' Cafè. '


I wore a blue and black lace dress with a black varsity jacket . I pulled on some black combat boots and black sunglasses . I saw Harry waking up so I put on some pink lip gloss and slid on a diamond Infinity ring on my ring finger ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=96020218 )


We walked to Harry's car as I sat in the passenger's seat and watched the path as we drove to the Cafè . When we got there we were ,mobbed by young girls ages 12-18 maybe even younger or older .


We signed a few things and took pictures with fans and then while we walked into the Cafè holding hands I saw my father .


"Oh Shit" I cursed under my breath .

"What is it Love?"

"It's my father ...."

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