~Runaway~ (Completed)

Monroe Hilton Is Bullied on a daily basis and is abused at home Until One Day she runs away where she meets 5 Strangers . How Will It Go Down When They All Fall Inlove With Her? Will her parents come after her ? Read On To Find Out .?


2. ~Encounter~

"Monroe!'' mum yelled after me . I finished putting a beanie over my long straight brown hair . I looked in the mirror and admired my hazel eyes when I heard my mum again , ''Monroe ! Get your ass down here now!'' I quickly grabbed my skateboard and bookbag and rushed down the stairs .

I was attacked by my father causing me to fall when he started to hit me with his bare hands , slapping and punching me .



''I-I was g-getting dressed for school.'' I managed to get out of my mouth . I grabbed some money and rushed out the front door .


I hopped on my skateboard and headed for school . On my way I began fixing my hair and beanie that my ass of a father , messed up . I checked my scars that he gave me . My face suddenly went blank as I was curious as to what everyone was going to think and say. I was quickly forced out of my train of thought as I ran into a boy .


I sat up on my bum and fixed my hair .. AGAIN! I looked up and to my surprise I saw a tall guy with black roots and blonde hair , he had blue eyes a wore a t-shirt that read 'Crazy Mofo's' . He held his and out and I gladly took it . I dusted off my jeans off my jeans whilst standing up.


''Oh, I'm sorry . Are you okay love ?'' He said looking into my eyes . His voice made me weak at the knees . He was gorgeous . He snapped his fingers in my face .


He  had a huge smile on his face , ''Are you there ?''


''Yeah , of course I was just thinking...I'm Monroe.'' I said shaking his hand .He returned the shake , whilst handing me my skateboard ''Im Niall I'm actually running late so I guess I'll see you around and sorry for running into you.''


I hopped on my board and made my way to school whilst waving him a goodbye ''See ya around Niall.''

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