~Runaway~ (Completed)

Monroe Hilton Is Bullied on a daily basis and is abused at home Until One Day she runs away where she meets 5 Strangers . How Will It Go Down When They All Fall Inlove With Her? Will her parents come after her ? Read On To Find Out .?


28. Delivery .

It's been a month since my baby shower . Which means I'm due in like two weeks . I'm nervous as hell . Harry and I are now 20 and soon enough Niall will be 21 . Everything is just moving forward .


My mood swings have been getting worst . Sometimes I even fake 'em to get on Harry's nerves it's hilarious .


I was sitting on our couch when I felt the babies kicking . Very hard actually . I cried out in the pain and Harry came over and sat next to me .


''Hey , how are you doing there ?'' he said putting his hands over my tummy .


''The kicking is intense ! I need to get them out of me and into their nursery !!!!! NOW !!!'' I yelled heading outside to the car .


I felt embarrassed I was showing my pregnant stomach .


I was wearing a 'Hipster Please' crop top , Shorts with fallen down suspenders , my glasses , a black beanie , and black toms .


When we got there Harry rushed to the front desk .


''Yes , my girlfriend is due in two weeks but she's been feeling sharp pains in her stomach followed by the babies' kicks .'' He said out of breath . I just wobbled behind him .


We were brought up to a room and I was laying on a bed waiting for the doctor to come in and then she came in and asked me a few questions . Finally after looking at my stomach she said ,


''Your ready for delivery , Mrs. Styles'' She said with a smile .


And just in case your wondering, no , Harry and I are not married yet .


''Ermm , It's Ms. Hilton , Harry and I are not married '' I said through my stomach pains .


''Not yet '' He mumbled with a cute smile showing his adorable dimples that I fell for .


Harry had to get out of the room while I delivered so i was in there alone  ...


Harry's P.O.V.


My soon to be wife was in the the delivery room I was just so glad that our little babies were coming out of her tummy today at this very moment so I'd be able to hold them . I smiled at the thought . I pulled a box out of my pocket .


It was the engagement ring I was going to purpose to Monroe with . I was going to do it earlier but she demanded we go to the hospital .


''Harry Styles , you may come into see your partner now'' I smiled and followed behind the nurse to Monroe's room .


I walked in and smiled at her as tears flooded my eyes . I kissed her , not just a peck but very passionately . I was starting a family with the love of my life .


I was noticing how slimmer she was looking. Is this how this works? Wow . Okay . I walked over to an Incubator that held Drew I held him and kissed his tiny little forehead and I did the same with Darcy she was amazing .


She was my princess . Daddy's little girl . I walked over to Monroe and layed in the hospital bed with her.


''You did it ''  I smiled and glanced over to the babies' incubators .

''No , WE did it'' she said and kiss my nose .


She layed her head on my shoulder and fell asleep . I layed my head on top of her head and fell asleep with her.


The moment was perfect I can't wait to go home and purpose to her . The love of my life . My Queen . It was Us against the World ...

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