~Runaway~ (Completed)

Monroe Hilton Is Bullied on a daily basis and is abused at home Until One Day she runs away where she meets 5 Strangers . How Will It Go Down When They All Fall Inlove With Her? Will her parents come after her ? Read On To Find Out .?


17. Cheaters .

When Louis and I got to the club we sat on a long black leather couch . He went over to the bar and I watched him . I saw the female bartender flirting with him . I bet she knew who he was , she lifted her chest letting her boobs look bigger .


Lou brought over some drinks I had one or two but he kept drinking . Drink after drink , after drink , after drink .

''Louis I'll be in the bathroom , I'll be back on sec'' I got off the couch and walked into a girl .She looked seriously pissed .

''Excuse Me !'' She yelled.

''Huh'' I said back to her.

''Do you know who I am'' She shot back at me.

''No , I don't'' I said putting on my best puzzled face.

''I'm Eleanor Calder !''

''Ermm , your not exactly 'famous' in fact I heard no one likes you'' I said with a smirk .

''Whatever'' She rolled her eyes and walked pass me with a smile.


I just simply made my way into the bathroom , after exiting I washed my hands. I made my way back to the couch when I saw a guy with hair like Louis . I smiled just thinking about him and then I remembered that's exactly where Louis was sitting.


I saw the couple that were kissing pull away and my heart sank when I saw Louis . I ran out the club tears streaming down my face . So I called Harry .


''I need you to come pick me up please'' I cried into the phone .

''What's wrong Mannie'' Harry said with concern .

''Mannie ?'' I let out a little chuckle through my crying .

''Your nickname'' Harry said , I could tell he was smiling though I couldn't see his face .

''Okay , but I really need you to pick me up'' I wiped my tears .

''Where are you'' He just about yelled . I smiled at how much he cared about me .

''I'm at that club 'Mingles' downtown'' I said

''Okay I'll be there soon'' He said hanging up the phone .


I looked in through the doors and he was still kissing that 'Eleanor Calder' I can't believe he would do this to me . I checked my twitted I had like 30k followers . I  guess the boys were making me kind of famous .

I saw pictures of Louis kissing Eleanor . I sent the picture to him along with a 'We're Done'.


I saw Harry pull up in his car so I hopped in and hid my face in my hands the entire way home .

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