~Runaway~ (Completed)

Monroe Hilton Is Bullied on a daily basis and is abused at home Until One Day she runs away where she meets 5 Strangers . How Will It Go Down When They All Fall Inlove With Her? Will her parents come after her ? Read On To Find Out .?


18. Apologies&&Mistakes.

I kicked off my heels when I got inside . I can't believe Louis had the nerve . We hadn't even been going out for a full day ! I remember Harry talking about a 'Eleanor' .


''Hey Harry ?''

''Yeah ?'' He said pretty quickly .

''Do you know who Eleanor Calder is?'' His eyes widened to what I had to say .

''Well , Uhh , Ermm , Yeah I guess .'' He was obviously nervous .

''Harry , Eleanor and Louis kissed when I went to the bathroom'' I broke into tears .

''What?!'' He yelled whilst standing up from the couch .

I pulled Harry back down on the couch and buried my head in his chest and listened to the sound of his heart beat . Right when I was falling asleep I heard my phone being blowed up with calls and texts .


So it was obvious he knew what he did wrong . I checked the texts .

'I'm so sorry !! I'll be over soon' or 'Please take me back' , 'I was drunk and still am' and 'I wasn't thinking I'm sorry Monroe' .


There was knocking at the door . I got up deciding not to run away from my problems.


''Yes'' I said very harshly .

''I'm really sorry , I was drunk'' .He looked like he was bound to start crying but I chuckled .

''Is that your excuse ? Just because your dunk doesn't mean you don't know what your doing it's just to loosen you up'' I crossed my arms .

''I'm Sor-'' I cut Louis off by slamming the door in his face and running to Harry .


''Don't worry Mannie , your better off without him'' he smiled trying to cheer me up.

''I know , and thanks Haz , for being my bestfriend and being there for me'' . I opened my mouth to say more but . Then again he kiss me .


''Too soon'' I said through a fake cough . We both laughed and we fell asleep on the couch .


Louis' P.O.V.


Wow she actually broke up with me . It felt good to be at the top for once , I knew the rest of the guys liked her and having her to be all mine was beyond amazing and I loved her . Despite what I've done in the past . With and to Eleanor , In a way Monroe changed me .


She was amazing and now I lost her . I might as well call Eleanor . I sighed and dialed her number .

''Hello'' she asked , wow she sounded tired .

''Hey can you come over ?'' I hopefully asked.

''So you can use me again'' She shot me down .

''Look Eleanor that was in the past believe me I'm sorry . Can you just come over?'' I pleaded.

''Fine , I'll be there in 5'' She gave in .


When Eleanor got here she 'spent the night' ;)

And then I got a call from Monroe ... Oh Shizzles


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