escaping the friendzone

Arianna finnigion is seamus finnigons older sister best friends with the weasleys and in love with fred but when fred puts her in the friendzone Arianna has a challenge to escape the friendzone.


2. diagon alley

mum had just dissaperated me to diagon alley and its beautiful here! First i got some books from florish and bortts. Then be got some robes and a lot of other random stuff. But then mum brought me to the wand shop Ollivanders! I had to go into there alone when an older man came out of a corner and introduced himself as ollivander. Then i had to put out my "wand arm" then he started to grab boxes of wands. The first 10 were a failure then on the eleventh try. " 10 and a half inches oak unicorns hair slightly springy." I picked it up and felt a warmth i waved my wand and fireworks popped out! I paid him then went to find mum. I found her with a beautiful tabby cat!

so how is it so far meh hope you like it!

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