The Bar-Coded Wrist

Renea had always had problems: personal problems, physical problems, emotional problems. The only way she knew how to rid that pain was to cut herself, but when her father - on his death bed - made her promise not to cut herself anymore she never does it again & instead replaces the scars with a tattoo of a bar code, the numbers being the date of her fathers death, and the day she stops cutting herself. But her father also wanted her to follow her dream of being a singer, and when her old teenage crush, Liam Payne, happens to be one of her judges & feelings start to develop , will she be able to keep the promise she made to her dying father?


1. Flashback

"Your father is in the hospital again." Those are the last words of my mothers that I heard before I jumped in the car and raced to the hospital. My father had been battling brain cancer for two years now, and I promised myself that I would be right by his side when he died. 


I ran into the hospital completely out of breath and asked the lady at the front desk what room Larry Scruggs was in. She directed me to room 188A. I stood outside the door, trying to make myself look like I  hadn't been crying for  20 minutes. I walked in with a small smile on my face, but my small smile quickly turned into a huge frown when I saw my father. Clear tubes running from is nose, countless needles sticking out of his arms and completely bald on one side of his head, stitches running from the front to the back.


"Daddy?" I whispered. I whipped my head toward my mom.

"What happened?" I whispered/yelled. "You didn't say he had to have another surgery!"

"It was last minute. Renea, he had water on his brain." She said. All I could do was stare, wide-eyed, at my father. Water on the brain is bad for anyone, but with someone with brain cancer it was terminal.

"So you mean he.." I couldn't get the rest out.

"He doesn't have much time left sweety" Her voice cracked, meaning she was on the verge of tears. She walked out of the room, her head down.

I walked over to the chair that had been pulled up to my fathers hospital bed. I grabbed his hand & instantly started crying.


My father had woken up about an hour earlier. 

"Don't be scared Bubby, (that's what he called me) you're strong & you're brave. You can't let what's happening make you weak" he said. How can he be comforting me right now? I'm supposed to be comforting him! 

"I don't know if I can.." I stood up quickly, walking to the window and looking down. 

"Maybe you don't know, but I do. I have all the faith in the world that you and your mother will be just fine without me." He said.

"I don't know if I can take care of mom without you dad, she has already been through so much!" I didn't mean to yell but I couldn't help it.

"Renea, I don't want you to carry that burden around. I need you, NEED you to look out for yourself. You've been through a lot too." He stopped talking. He looked like he wanted to say something. "Promise me one thing, no, two things. One, you'll stop cutting yourself for good." He looked me in the eye letting me know he was serious. I didn't want to answer. I didn't want to lie and say that I'd never do it again, because I didn't know if I would or not. I tried to change the subject.

"What was the other thing you wanted me to promise" I asked, hoping it wasn't as impossible as the first thing.

He looked at me seriously and grabbed my hand. "I want you to promise that you will apply for X-Factor. I've seen the sparkle in your eyes when you sing, I know it makes you happy & that's all I want."

"Dad it's already too late to apply for this year.." I was making excuses and he knew it.

"Oh, so the X-Factor is just going to disappear and be gone this time next year?" He smiled. How in the world can he be sarcastic at a time like this?

 I was about to reply when the heart monitor started to beep.. fast. I jumped up not knowing what to do. The doctor, nurses, and my mother ran into the room. My mom grabbed me and pulled me out of the doctors way, but they were too late. They called the time of death and walked out, leaving me and my mom behind. I walked up to my father and touched his hand, it was still warm. I leaned over him and kissed his head, my tears falling on his forehead. I bent down close to his ear and whispered the two words that I knew I meant: "I promise".



-Let me know what you think. Should I keep going? Liam will come in in the next 2 chapters. =)

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