Young Love

Read to find out


1. It All Started One Day

                                Leanna's P.O.V

   I just woke up. I looked at my phone. "Ugh first day of school" I said with a disgusted face. I got  my ass up and got ready. I wore a black shirt that said "Pierce The Veil' on it and some dark  skinny jeans with my black Converse. While I was getting ready I saw my scars were fully  exposed.Every time I see them I always ask myself "who would love a girl with scars?". "Probably  that's why I never have a boyfriend" I whispered to myself. I knew this school year would be tough. I  was basically  was bullied all my life.I have anxiety and panic attacks witch makes it hard for me to  makes friends, Also why I cut myself. I  finally finished getting ready. I had to walk to school since  my parents don't really care about me. I went out threw the front door  and put my headphones  on.When I got to the school people were already asking about my shirt.  One person  yelled "Demonic  bitch". I was a black sheep all my life. I knew non of these people  were like  me.Shortly after,the bell rung and I got to my class.  I sat down. After 10 minutes I was already  bored. I wanted to leave but I couldn't. I heard a door open, I glanced up to see who  it  was. It was  this guy who had the same style as me and same shirt on. I suddenly knew I had to talk to him. But  my anxiety kicked in. So I knew that was impossible. But I didn't let one little problem stop me. 





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