Life With One Direction

Read to see how life with one direction is like.


1. how it all began

Hi I'm Jessica! Hi I'm Caitlyn! We love 1D!!!


Jessica: I cant believe we got one direction tickets!!

Caitlyn: I know but you haven't seen the best part yet!

Jessica: What!!! what is it!!!!

Caitlyn: I Went Behind your back and Bought Us VIP Passes, since you bought The Tickets.


Caitlyn: Jess Calm Down its only 1D

Jessica: ok *breathing* I cant wait

Caitlyn: I forgot to tell you something..

Jessica: what!!!!

Caitlyn: we meet them Tonight. *Covers Ears*


Caitlyn: Um?? I Forgot?? *smiles*


Caitlyn: I don't Know. But we have to get ready!

Jessica: ok fine im going to wear my future mrs. styles shirt

Caitlyn: i'm going to wear my future Mrs. Horan Shirt!!!

Jessica: ok are you ready??

Caitlyn: Yeah. *Goes to the Drivers Seat*

*skipping car ride*

Jessica: ok here we go *trying not to scream*

Caitlyn: Yeah.

Lady: Hi Guys I need to see your VIP passes and we can be on are way to the boys dressing room.

Jessica: ok here you go now can we please see them!

Caitlyn: Jess Calm Down!! were the only ones here you want to know why were the only ones here??

Jessica: why?!?

Caitlyn: My Uncle is Simon!!!

Jessica: no way! never in a million years

Caitlyn: I can Prove it I got his number!

Jessica: fine give me his number so I can call

Caitlyn: ok his number is (716) 867-5309 *DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER ITS FAKE I MADE IT UP*

Jessica: *calling number* simon: hello? Jessica: *Screaming*

Caitlyn: Jess stop screaming! Sorry uncle simon!

Jessica: sorry! are we there yet

Caitlyn: Hey Boys!!!!

Boys: Caitlyn!!!!!!

Jessica: wait one direction knows you?!?!

Caitlyn: Well Duh I'm Uncle Simon's Niece!!!!!

Louis: Jessica? is that you???

Jessica: Louis? oh my god!!!! ive been waiting for you to come home!!!!


Jessica: ummmmmm...... YEA!!!!!

Caitlyn: Why Didn't you tell me? *Pissed*

Jessica: *sorry face* im sorry but my mum didn't want people to know because of all the hate!

Caitlyn: its ok.

Liam: Hey Sis hows it going?


Jessica What the h*ll

Caitlyn: hehe funny story liam is my brother!

Jessica: ok fine cause lou is mine ill let it slide. but if I wasn't you would be dead NOW!!!

Louis: How did you guys meet since liam and I live in different cities?

Jessica: Um... we both went to America!!!

*harry and niall walk up confused*

Jessica: is that harry Louis?!?!

Louis: yea why????

Jessica: um... i'll be right back. *leaves*

harry: whats the matter with her she is always happy to see me!

Caitlyn: she loves you harry! *covers mouth*

Jessica: CAITLYN!!!! HOW COULD YOU!!! * tears streaming*

Caitlyn: im so so so sorry jess. it slipped out.

Liam: ok fine because you told her's , im gonna tell yours!

Caitlyn: liam please dont

Liam: Niall, Caitlyn loves you!!

* Caitlyn runs away saying I hate you liam*

Niall: what just happened???

Harry: I don't know??

Louis: they both are upset so harry and niall go and talk to them.

*harry and niall go to find Caitlyn and Jessica*

harry: Jess where are you sweetheart???

Niall: Cate where are you my princess???

*harry hears Jessica crying*

Harry: jess where are you babe?

* finds her*

Harry: why did you run away beautiful??

Jessica: *still crying* because I was embarrassed!

Harry: sweetheart no need to be embarrassed. I love you too! please don't cry!

Jessica:* sniffles* really??? you l-love me?

Harry: really!!!


niall: princess where are you?

*finds her*

Niall: why did you run away??

Caitlyn: *dosent answer*

Niall: come here beautiful. *hold Caitlyn*

Caitlyn: im sorry ni.

Niall: its ok now I hope you know that I love you!

Caitlyn: I love you too!!!


*go back to the dressing room*

Louis: how did it go??

Liam: Caitlyn do you really hate me!

Caitlyn: no I don't liam

Liam: good!!

Harry: I got my girl back after 3 years

Niall: me too after 3 years!!

Liam&Louis: what? what do you mean 3 years

Jessica: the last time me and cate seen them was 3 years ago!!

Louis: ohh ok I thought you meant date!

Jessica: no. good luck guys see you soon!!

harry: thanks I will need it!!!! love you!

Jessica: love you too!

 Niall: well here I go.

Caitlyn: noooo! good luck my irish  prince!! love you

Niall: thanks my polish princess love you too!






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