Life With One Direction

Read to see how life with one direction is like.


2. Harry asked Jessica on a Date!

Harry's P.O.V

Today I'm going on date with the love of my life, I haven't seen her in three years! I am so looking forward to this date. I wanted to surprise her. so I am taking her to dinner that I made and I set it up at the beach! Can't wait!


Jessica's P.O.V

Today Harry Styles Asked me on a date! I can't wait. he said it was a surprise. but I don't know what to wear!!!! maybe if I text him and asked what to wear, maybe I know were he is taking me! So I texted him


To: Haz<3: Hey Babe! I was wondering what should I wear?

To:  Jess<3: I would have to say casual clothing!

To: Haz<3: ok Thanks Babe!

Jess P.O.V

After I texted Harry I decided to get ready since he is coming at 7pm to pick me up. I turned on the shower and let the hot water shower over me. once I was done showering I put on a Cute Cami Top on and some shorts and sandals. Next thing I did was my hair. I had Medium length hair so I decided to curl it and put a pretty headband in. once I was done with my hair. I did my makeup. once I was done with everything I decided to text my Best Friend Caitlyn.

To: Caitlyn: Hey!

To: Jess: Hey Jess! what's up?

To: Caitlyn: Nothing much just waiting for Harry to pick me up for our date!

To: Jess: Awesome! I would love to  talk but me and Niall are having a movie night! love ya sis btw have fun and use Protection! lol

To: Caitlyn: OMG Caitlyn were not going to do that lol. and thanks you have fun tonight with Mr. Horan. love you too sis bye! xoxo Jessica!

Jess's Pov

OMG I cant believe Caitlyn would think that! anyway harry is here he said our date is a surprise!

Harry: Ello Love! ready to go?

Jess: yes Babe!

*Skipping Car ride*

Harry covers Jessica's eyes and then when they get to there destination Jessica gasps!

Jess: Omg Harry this is beautiful! did you make all of this yourself?

Harry: Yes love! I love you a lot!

Jess: I love you too!

Waiter: here is your food!

Harry: Thanks

Jess: omg harry this is so good! no wonder why you want me out of the kitchen when you were cooking <3

Harry: haha yes.

Waiter: Wine? or champagne?

Jess: Wine please!

Harry: Same.









Sorry writers block :(

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