Almost Is Never Enough

"Don't worry I will catch you if you fall" he smiles.
"Even if I fall in love with you?" I ask him
"Only if you promise to catch me too" he says softly in my ear.


8. Someone Like You

If I could chose a color to describe the weather it would be white.
Like the color, the weather represents peace, humility, safety, faith, perfection and protection.
How extraordinary is the fact that just this common color has all of this extraordinary meanings?
Well with the arrival of this color we have also the arrival of another very beautiful and elegant color, red, wait for it...yes Christmas. 
To be honest I love Christmas, principally here, the weather, the lights, whole London painted in white. It's just beautiful. Perfect.

But with all this happiness something bad has to happen right? Well by that I mean Harry. He's going to his parents house for the whole christmas time and then he just comes back in January 3rd. 
But until then me and him got out our date and I couldn't be more excited.

"Where you spending christmas time this year, love?" Harry asks me, while drinking a bit of his coffee.

I place my fingers around my mug and hug it with my hands feeling the warmth of the coffee inside it.

"Nowhere, my parents are going with my sister to Canada, cause she's got her best friend there, and I asked them if I could stay and they were really pleased I wasn't going so...yeah..." I keep my gaze in the interesting coffee that with all of my sadness is trembling like a storm in the sea.

He changes subject so fast that I'm mot even able to understand what he was talking about.

"So, tonight I'll pick you up at 8, ok?" He smiles showing off his dimples.

"Yes, ok" I sight smiling wide.

It's going to be a interesting night I suppose. And hope so.

"Wear something nice, I'm taking you somewhere special, ok?" He winked, getting up from his seat and walking nearer me, and that's when my heart starts racing cause as closely as he drew, the feeling of warmth and butterflies was at it's limit. And when his gentle lips touch my cold skin I feel like I'm floating. Literally floating. Can he be cuter? 

Ok, so Alex is going mad, I'm trying to stabilize and calm down but I just can't...

It all started at 2:30 P.M. She walked in my room and started looking around for dresses, shoes, make up and in just 5 minutes my room was a complete chaos. Clothes everywhere, shoes everywhere and the time wasn't helping too. 

So it's now 7:30 and she's finishing straightening my hair and doing my nails. I'm definitely going to be late 

I look at myself in the mirror and I saw this complete strange girl in the other side of the crystal wall.

My hair was perfectly done, the dress was made of blue silk fiting me perfectly and the shoes were absolutely fabulous (blue also).

It was eight o'clock and the door bell rings, Alex tells me to stay upstairs and runs downstairs opening the door to Harry.

From downstairs I hear his raspy little voice greeting Alex and asking where I was, and that's when I take step outside of my room. Another two to get to the stairs and breathe and wait. What the hell is happening with me? Calm yourself down sister. I tell myself.

I slowly, step by step, walk downstairs, while I was in the process of getting down of the stairs my gazes locks with Harry's and let me tell you something. He was absolutely gorgeous, he's curls were perfect, he was wearing this black suit with a simple white   shirt and let me tell you that I could sense the smell of Blue de Channel from here.

As I drew near him, he smiles, making me blush insanely.

"You look absolutely beautiful, princess" he whispers the last part in my ear provoking chills all over my body...

"You do too, charming" I giggle. 

Making him blush, I just made Harry Edward Styles blush ladies and gentleman. Who knew I had this effect in this boy?



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