Almost Is Never Enough

"Don't worry I will catch you if you fall" he smiles.
"Even if I fall in love with you?" I ask him
"Only if you promise to catch me too" he says softly in my ear.


9. I Will Catch You If You Fall

We were in Harry's car for several minutes now and I don't know why I'm feeling so nervous, this is just a friends date isn't it? Maybe, oh god.

My shaking hand was resting in my leg, I know Harry was looking at it, but I didn't relly care until his hand travels from the steering wheel to my lap, where he grabs my hand taking it close to his lips, kissing it softly.

"Don't need to be nervous" his raspy low voice makes chills through my whole body...

"I know, we are here like friends, right?" I try to sound indifferent.

But deep inside I knew something wasn't right in that sentence.

"Yeah..." He mumbles...but when my gaze turns to his I could feel that friends wasn't the word for what he called our 'relationship'.
Or maybe it was and I was just seeing things wrong again. Getting upset with all of this confusion really.

The car suddenly stops and I look through the transparent glass of the car, and my mouth makes a perfect "o". Holy shit.

I jump out of the car, literally, and couldn't believe what I was witnessing.

We were in this big park, and no it wasn't hyde park, but the view was unbelievably beautiful.

There was this path illuminated by candle lights, and I was curious to what it would lead us to.

"Shall we?" Harry places his arm around my waist guiding me.

"Yes" I answer and this may sound cliche but I kinda felt like this was one of the most sure answers I gave in my life, like I knew that I was safe with him with me. Strange though. Ok, moving on.

We walk for 5 minutes and when we reached the end of the path  I couldn't believe in what my eyes were seeing.

This beautiful picnic, on the floor, candles everywhere, flowers everywhere, food everywhere, everything was so magical. Everywhere.

"So? What do you think?" He asks from behind me. Scared of my reaction I felt. Haha.

I stop a little and turn around to face him, I give him a serious look, and his face was simply priceless...

"This is the most beautiful thing someone has ever done to me, thank you" I say sincerely and looking into his beautiful green orbs.

Then he takes a step closer and I feel my breath quicken, the nearer he got the more nervous I was.

Then his soft hand travels to my cheek making me close my eyes, his left hand is placed automatically on my hip pulling our bodies close to each other, and there we were one breath away from each other, and that's when....... he kisses me...a soft and warm kiss, a passionate and pure kiss, something that I felt both of us been dying to do. And it was on that moment, that exact moment that I understood that what I felt for Harry was bigger than friendship, I was falling for him, falling hard. And there was no way of telling myself that I wasn't.

When we disconnect from each other, he smiles making me blush to death.

"You don't know how long I've waited to do that" he rubs his hand through my hair.

And that's when I felt it was appropriate to tell him. So I stop him from kissing me again and held his hands tightly. Looking him right in the eyes, not afraid of what may happen.

I put myself on my tiptoes and tell him softly in his ear...

"I like you" and that's when I feel him smiling.

But then he starts being Harry Styles...the Harry I met the first of school.

"What? I didn't hear you" he jokes.

Was he really playing this game? Really?

"I like you Harry!" I say louder.

"What?" Harry pretends again. That bastard.

"I LIKE YOU HARRY EDWARD STYLES" I shout it to the world, and the neighbors, and Obama, and Michael Bublé, even the aliens heard. 

That's when he takes me in his arms, and I automatically place my legs around his torso, my arms around his neck locking my lips with his, into a very messy kiss.
And when I mean messy, I mean hot.
Hot enough for him to place me on the floor and on top of me. But I knew where things were going and they were going to fast. too fast.

I take my lips off his and make him stare at me.

"Let's eat" I tell him catching my breath.

He simply smiles, kisses my nose softly. I try to get up but I slip and when I though I was just about to meet my good old friend (floor) I feel Harry's hand grabbing my wrist.

"Don't worry, I will catch you if you fall." He smiles making me release a smile too.

"Even if I fall in love with you?" I ask him, making him look at me with a different look.

"Only if you promise to catch me too" he says softly in my ear.

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