Almost Is Never Enough

"Don't worry I will catch you if you fall" he smiles.
"Even if I fall in love with you?" I ask him
"Only if you promise to catch me too" he says softly in my ear.


7. Cuddles and Apologies

My vision was still a bit blurry but I could identify Harry even from the top of a tree a hundred miles away.
"Emma" his trembling voice whispers to me, making me smile.
"I'm sorry Harry" I tell him weakly.
His lips form a big smile and he says softly.
"There's nothing to be sorry for, I'm the one that should've protect you, but I promise that I won't ever leave you Emma, I promise." And that's when I feel this small tear hitting my cheek and notice Harry's crying.
I can't  stand it, people crying because of me, so I place my hands on both of his cheeks and slowly kiss his forehead, taking a deep breath afterwards and then black out.

I wake up to find myself in a unknown room, the walls were painted dark blue, the furniture was made of wood and I was laying in this very comfortable king sized bed. I turn myself to a big nightstand where I see a photo of a curly haired boy with his beautiful green orbs, his gentle dimples showing and a girl with wavy dirty blonde hair (almost brown), the same eyes and dimples, just like if they were twins. Harry and his sister. 
That's when my vision focuses on something even more tranquilizing and pure. Harry. Sleeping Harry. He was so cute when he was asleep, his eyes were slightly shut and his lips were perfectly sealed. 
'He looks like an angel' I whisper.
He was laying in a sofa near me with a small blanket covering his cold and trembling body.

"Harry" I try to wake him up.

Mission impossible.

"Harry, please wake up" I wine.
I see his lips forming a slight smile but his eyes were still shut. Son of a gun. 

I get up from the warm bed and feel the shivers run through mu body. The way my sensitive skin reacted to a little cold. Fantastic.

I run to the sofa, jump and land precisely on top of him, making him groan.

I place my lips close to his ears and whisper. "Sorry Harry" 

That's when he opens his eyes and wraps his huge arms around my waist making me giggle.

My breathing is fast and my right ear his against his chest. I take a glance at Harry and see that he fell asleep again. I huff and stay still hearing his quick heartbeat against my ear.

We've been sleeping for more three hours, and now was Harry's turn to wake me up...
"Babeeee, wakey wakey" he said loud enough for me to hear it...
I mumble something incomprehensible and continue sleeping...

He starts tickling me to wake up and we all know how this ends...

Both of us on the floor, laughing so hard it was hard to breathe.

Suddenly Harry stops and I stop too and we stay quietly in each others arms, admiring each others eyes.

"What happened yesterday, Emma?" He asks me with a worried voice.

My chest tightens and my heart starts beating so hard I thought it was going to explode right there. Ok, that would be disgusting, but I guess you understood.

"Why didn't you come to school?" I answer him back.

"Because when you left...I couldn't bring myself to be concentrated in class so I went out with some friends" he answers sweetly...

"Well you scared the he out of me Harry, don't ever do that" I answer with my voice trembling.

Do you know that feeling you get when the pain in your chest is bigger than the one in your throat? Well I didn't even realize I tears were streaming down my face, if Harry didn't hug me tightly again.

I didn't want to tell him why. And I guess he understood cause there were no more questions or answers, just cuddling and his silent voice saying.

"I won't be leaving, I promise" 



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