My Supernatural Story

Sam and Dean Winchester started out as simple hunters, right? They've fought demons, angels, ghosts, etc. But have they ever met their match? Has anyone really shown them up? Sam and Dean meet a pair of hunters unlike anyone they've ever met. From the first episode and on, their story changes.


6. Revenge

We had been driving down the deserted road for at least four hours now. I know I’m lost, but I would never admit that to anyone. The sun set at least an hour ago and I could feel my eyes getting heavy.

“You’re lost.” Jess looked at me, but I kept my eyes on the road.

“No, I know exactly where I am going.” I lied and looked out my side mirror. Shit, I really was lost.

“Let me drive, I know how to get there.” Jess suggested, but I just scoffed.

“You? You’ve been locked up for like five years. How would you know which way to go?” I glanced at her, but she had no reaction to my words.

“Cats have a good sense of direction.” She smirked and looked out her window.

“Aren’t you tired?” I glanced at her again and yawned. “We’ve been driving for a while; you’ve got to be a little tired.”

“I haven’t slept in a long time.” Her low voice echoed through the quiet car. “I found out I don’t need to sleep, so I don’t. But you seemed tired.” She looked at me. “I could point us in the right way while you get some shut eye.” She suggested, but I didn’t reply. The silence engulfed us until Jess’ voice broke it. “C’mon, it wouldn’t hurt. You can trust me.” She gave me a sweet smile and I sighed. She did save my life and she hasn’t been a threat. I rolled my eyes and pulled over. Jessica smiled and we switched spots. I was really tired, so I was a bit grateful. Jessica pulled onto the street and within minutes I had fallen asleep.


I woke u to the sunlight shinning through the car windows and the sound of the road passing beneath us. I sat up and stretched as much as I could in a car.

“Morning.” Jessica smiled at me and I returned the smile.

“Where are we?” I looked out the window at the familiar surroundings.

“Uhm, close…” Jessica gave me a fake smile and I knew something was up. We were in a town, passing by people on the streets. I recognized it, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. That is, until we passed an ominous mansion.

“Was that the pride house?” I sternly asked, trying not to yell until she answered.

“Maybe…” She gave me a guilty look and I could feel the angry boiling inside me.

“Are you kidding me?! Why are we back here?!”  I yelled and dramatically flung my hands around. “This was such a STUPID move! Why would you do this!?” I glared at her.

“Please, just listen. I can explain!” She pleaded at me as we parked in a Motel 6 parking lot.

“This better one hell of an explanation!” I crossed my arms and glared at her.

“I need to kill Jeremy.” She stated, but didn’t continue.

“Who is Jeremy and why do you need to kill him?!” I spat.

“Jeremy is the guy that hit you over the head. I got a phone call when I was driving. It was him and he said he would find me. And knowing Jeremy, he was going to beat the life out of me, along with you.” She looked straight. “If he’s gone, the threat is gone too.”

“How do you know that?” I stared at her.

“Because Jeremy was the next Pride Leader and he wanted me as his partner. He was in love with me, but I refused him. If he’s gone, no one will care about me. No one cared about me except for Jeremy.”

“And how are we supposed to kill him?” I uncrossed my arms because I felt sorry for her.

“Well, today is Tuesday, right?” She looked at me and I nodded my head. “Every Tuesday, the Pride Leader had a meeting in the woods with other Pride’s. To trade, talk business, stuff like that. Since you killed Ian, the other Pride Leader, Jeremy is now the Pride Leader. So, he’ll be there tonight.”

“How do you know the shock of the past Pride Leader didn’t affect them and they’re still doing this meeting?” I tilted my head.

“Because we needed some supplies only the South Pride had and that means this meeting is essential.” She grinned at me and I shook my head.

“If we do this, promise to never to anything like this ever again without asking first?” I held out my hand.

“Promise.” She smiled and shook my hand.

“Let’s go kill us a Jeremy.” I smiled and we jumped out of the car.


Jessica and I got our knives, guns, and pepper spray ready before we had headed out to the woods. We changed in our black jeans and black long sleeved shirts because apparently these meetings didn’t happen until the moon was out. I tied my long black hair up in a bun, while Jess put her long blonde hair in a pony tail. She had guided me to where the meetings where usually held and we hid behind some trees. Jessica had told me that during her time with the Pride, Jeremy had dragged her to a few meetings, in hope of getting into her pants. She told me she never gave in, so she was often beaten.

“Ready?” Jessica whispered to me and I held my thumb out. She was behind a tree on the other side of the circle. The meeting place was an empty circle surrounded by trees. Jess and I where on either side of the circle waiting for Jeremy to show up. She described him as an ugly ginger, which had made me laugh. She had a big nose, orange hair, and cat eyes. We had been waiting for about an hour before we heard voices from the right side of us. There were three of them, a dark haired one, a blonde one, and the ginger.

“They’ll be here soon, just have patience.” The blonde one spoke up as they walked into the middle of the circle, unaware of our presence.

“They said they would be here twenty minutes ago and when we finally show up, they aren’t here!” The ginger, Jeremy I guessed, spat at the blonde one.

“Leader, something must have caught them up. At least we have this time to talk about last week’s incident.” He tried to calm down Jeremy.

“You mean about Ian?” The dark haired one narrowed his eyes at the blonde one.

“Yes, I mean, the Pride is in despair. When are you going to announce your new leadership to them?” The blonde one asked Jeremy. I was getting a bit restless; my signal for jumping out was when Jessica did. But she hasn’t moved.

“At the funeral tomorrow. I’ll give a speech about him and during that I will-”

“AHHHHH!!!!” Someone yelled and I guess that was my cue. I jumped out and drove my knife into the blonde one who had approached me. I twisted it before pulling it out of his chest. He fell with a slight ‘thud’ and I quickly looked around to find four of us left standing.

“Who the hell?” I yelled and looked at Jessica. The Pride people where dead, but there were two other gentlemen standing among us. It was too dark to see their faces, but I didn’t get a good vibe from them. “Jess!” I yelled at her.

“Yeah?!” She yelled back and I saw the men walking towards us.

“Run!!!” I screamed at her and we both took off into the woods. I could hear loud stomps following us, so we ran faster. I followed Jessica until I could see our black car come into sight. We bolted to the car, but we had locked it.

“Unlock it!!” Jessica screamed and pulled on the passenger side door.

“I’m trying!!” I screamed back, fiddling with my keys. I was shaking and scared and ended up dropping them. I leaned down to pick them up before I heard a scream.

“Jessica!” I jumped up and my eyes went wide. 

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