My Supernatural Story

Sam and Dean Winchester started out as simple hunters, right? They've fought demons, angels, ghosts, etc. But have they ever met their match? Has anyone really shown them up? Sam and Dean meet a pair of hunters unlike anyone they've ever met. From the first episode and on, their story changes.


9. Playing the Player

Jessica's POV:

      Sam and I sat and talked for a few more minutes before we both decided to head out for the night, besides the bar was closing. As we exited, a wind of cool air blew past me, I breathed it in, and realized I had no idea where Marilyn and Dean went. Obviously I knew what they were doing, but where? I looked up at Sam, his eyebrows furrowed, and his lips pouting. 

      "You looked worried, what's wrong?" I slipped my hands in my jacket and breathed in the cool air.

      "Oh nothing, it's just... Where do you think they went?" He looked down at me, the worried expression still dominating his features, but I could see a hint of a smile.                                        

      "I was actually wondering the same thing..." Silence filled the air for a moment before Sam turned to me.

      "Jess, can I say something?" His features softening.

      "You just did." I joked and we exchanged smiles.

      "No, but really... Tonight was the first night I wasn't thinking about... Jessica." His hazel eyes searched mine for a reaction. "It's been nice and I just wanted to thank you." He lowered his head and looked at the ground for a moment. "For once I wasn't wallowing in self pity and mourning." He half-heartily laughed smiled at me. 

       "You're welcome Sam." We gazed at each other for a moment, before I turned away, trying to hide my blush. "Thanks for not killing us." I quickly changed the subject and suppressed my childish reaction. He chuckled and, surprisingly, pulled me into a hug. I was a little thrown off at first, but quickly squeezed him back. I didn't know he was hurting that bad. It must suck to have to mourn over someone alone and avoid your dick of a brother when you do it. That hug was probably something he has been needing for a while. He pulled away and flicked his hair out of his eyes. 

      "Sorry, I-" 

     "It's fine, don't apologize." I smiled up at him and let the noises off the night fill the air. After a moment off silence, I pulled out Marilyn's car keys from my jean pockets and unlocked the car. "Did you need a ride?" I said as I slowly walked over to it.

     "Yeah, I think I do actually..." Sam smiled, trailed behind me, and we both hopped into the car. 


Marilyn's POV:

      Dean and I lay under the covers, trying to catch our breath because round 2 was longer than we anticipated. Dean spoke up between breaths, "That... was...-"

     "Okay..." I breathed out. Dean, surprised by my response, gave me an offended expression. 

     "Just okay?" He responded, surprise and irritation trailing in his voice. Of course it was more than okay! It was amazing! Fantastic! Dean Winchester was probably the best I've ever had, but was I going to tell him that? Hell no. You see, in order to keep a man around, you need to leave him wanting more. By telling him it was okay, and him being the stereotypical "manly man" he is, he's going to try anything to get me to put him on a pedestal. And I needed him to to let us join up because of what Bobby said. This was probably the best way to do it. 

      "Yeah, it was okay." I clarified and casually got out of bed. I turned on the light so I was able to find my clothes and dress myself, but to be honest it was getting harder and harder to stand upright and unaffected after the last hour or so with Dean. He sat up, his face overcome with frustration and anger, and said, " So, what? You're just going to leave?" His eyebrows raised and his gaze was piercing through me. 

      "No, I thought we could cuddle for a few hours and share our feelings." I sarcastically replied as I slowly dressed myself. He was taken back with my attitude towards him and I know I was leaving an affect on him. I put my heels back on, walked towards the door, and just as I was about to walk out, he spoke up. 

      "I thought you said you wanted to 'join forces'" He said, matter-of-factually, and stood with the sheets wrapped around his waist. I smirked as we spoke out the words I had been waiting for all night.

      "Oh, so you want to team up now?" I dryly responded and he searched for an answer. 

      "Well... I-" Just as he was about to speak, the door unlocked, and opened. Standing at the door was a giggly Jessica and a now alarmed Sam. 

      "What's going on?" Sam asked and Jessica's smile faded when she looked from me to Dean.

      "Oh, I was just heading back to our room." I answered Sam casually. His expression was pure confusion as he looked over at a half-naked Dean.

      "Well, we all better head to bed. We've got a busy day ahead of us." I walked over to Jessica and Same stepped in the room. "Right Dean?" I smirked at him.

      "Uh... Yeah, right." He breathed out, confused, and unsure. Sam looked between the two of us and eventually his gaze rested on Dean. "Yeah, we'll see you ladies in the morning." He let out an awkward half-laugh and half-sigh, as if he was trying to reassure himself. I smiled at them and walked out, waiting a moment for Jessica to say her farewell, and join me outside. I heard the door close and Jess stepped next to me. 

      "Did you-" She tried to speak, but I interrupted her.

      "Lets go to the car." Her and I walked silently to the car and she passed me the keys. We got in and I started towards our motel down the road. After a moment of silence, Jessica finally asked me.

      "How did you do it?" Her voice was quiet, but I could still hear her.

      "Mind games." I responded. "Old fashioned mind games, my friend." I turned and smirked at her.

      "Did you sleep with him?" She asked and my smile faded. I didn't know how to answer. If I said yes, she might think I'm a whore who uses my body to get what I want. But if I say no, then she'll know I'm lying. Sure, I slept with Dean to get us to join him and his brother, but in the pit of my stomach I knew I harbored feelings for him. Maybe based solely on attraction, or maybe I feel a real connection with him. But I can't tell Jess that. I don't need her too far up my ass, I am a reserved person after all. But somehow I knew that something happened between her and Sam tonight. Maybe it was innocent, but maybe it wasn't. I wasn't interested in her business with him and I wasn't about to swap love stories with her. No, this thing that I have for Dean Winchester is going to be stored in the darkest, deepest part in my mind. I've got work to do and some "manly man" wasn't going to waltz in and interfere with it. So, I simply turned my head and continued to drive. It's just another conversation I wasn't ready for.     



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