My Supernatural Story

Sam and Dean Winchester started out as simple hunters, right? They've fought demons, angels, ghosts, etc. But have they ever met their match? Has anyone really shown them up? Sam and Dean meet a pair of hunters unlike anyone they've ever met. From the first episode and on, their story changes.


2. Partners

                                "How the hell did I save you? You’re the one with the knife!” I raised my voice a little bit, but it was bugging me how nonchalant she was acting about all of this.

“Can I hunt with you?” Jessica turned to me, I didn’t return the look.

“No.” I kept my eyes on the road.

“But I wa-“I interrupted her.

“I was supposed to be hunting you until you went all super woman on me.” I gave a dirty look, but she just shrugged it off.

“But I saved you, that’s got to count for something!” She said.

“Ya something as in, I won’t make you suffer when I stab you in the heart. It will be quick and easy.” I gripped the steering wheel.

“Okay wait, can you just listen to me for one second!” She yelled at me.

“Fine, go ahead.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“I wasn’t brought up as a Mai; I was turned about six years ago. My parents were hunters and so was my older brother. My older brother was nineteen and my younger brother was only eight. So, when everybody was out, I took care of Matthew. My parents decided one day I was old enough to try a small hunt, or at least watch. We were hunting the Mai and to save you the sob story, I got courageous and went after the alpha myself. He turned me; he said he needed a new “mate.” And I have spent six long years fighting them, that’s why you found me in the cage.” She stopped talking while I analyzed what she just told me.

“So, do you want me to drop you off home?” I tried to be as nice as I could.

“I can’t…”She mumbled and I sighed.

“Why not? You don’t have to be scared, I’m sure they missed you.” I glanced over at her, her head was down.

“I can’t…they’re um…” She paused. “They’re gone.” She said in such a small voice, I almost wanted to cry.

“I’m sorry…” I glanced out my side window and spotted a diner. “Look, are you hungry?” I glanced at her.

“Yeah…” She mumbled. So, I pulled into the diner parking lot and we headed inside. It was a cozy diner, not a lot of people in there at nine at night; I mean it closed at ten. We slid into a booth and scanned the menus. We both ordered double bacon cheeseburgers and a coke.

“So, that story true?” I handed the waitress my menu and she grabbed Jessica’s.

“Very.” She glanced around. “I’ve got nothing to come back to at home and I did save your life…” She looked down, but looked right back at me. The waitress came back with our food and drinks and served them to us.

“Great, thanks.” I smiled at the waitress and picked up my burger, meanwhile Jessica was already halfway through hers. “Jesus, when’s the last time you had a burger?” I watched her take two more bites and it was gone.  

“Six years.” She spoke with her mouth full. I let out a small laugh and started to eat.

“So, I’m guessing you didn’t finish school?” I took a bite of my burger.

She finished chewing before she answered. “No, they home schooled me, they don’t want lower educated people in their pride.” She wiped her mouth with napkin and chugged down her coke.

“Nice, so we could stop somewhere to sleep if you want.” I took another bite.

“No, I’m fine, but if you want to that’s okay.” She pushed her plate aside and stacked her empty cup on the plate.

“Well, I need at least some sleep for my, I mean our next job.” I gave her a small smile, and her face lit up.

“Well, before our next job, is it alright if I know your name?” She raised her eyebrows at me.

“Oh, uhm…” I felt kind of embarrassed that I hadn’t already mentioned that. “My name is Marilyn, Marilyn Evans.” I stuck out my hand.

“Nice to meet you Marilyn, I think I already told you, but I’m Jessica Morrison.” She smiled and shook my hand.

“Welcome to the hunting business.” We smiled at each other. Once I was finished, I bought two more burgers for Jessica for the road and we headed out the door. I drove down to the nearest motel and we booked two different rooms, but as it turns out they only had one room left. Just my luck, it only had one queen sized bed. Reluctantly, I took the room and we headed for it.

“You can have the bed, I don’t sleep much these days; just cat naps.” She smiled and plopped herself on the couch, I just awkwardly nodded my head, and threw my bag onto the bed.

“So, uhm, what are we going to do about your clothes and essentials…” I looked at her and she gave me a quizzical look.

“Don’t worry bout that, I’ll be ready in the morning.” She gave me an innocent smile which I returned.

“Well, I’m going to sleep. Night.” I threw myself on the bed and snuggled into the blankets. I took off my jeans and threw them on the ground next to me and rolled over.

“Ready to go? Partner!” Jessica woke me up.

“Ugh.” I groaned at her. “What time is it?” I sat up and brushed my hair back.

“Seven. We can make it to Lake Manitoc in about four hours.” She slung a bag over her shoulder, “C’mon!” She gestured for me to get up, so I did. I went and got ready. By about eight I was ready and we were getting into the car.

“By the way, were did you get everything?” I looked over at her from the driver’s seat.

“Uhm, shopping.” She smiled.

“With what money?” I stared at her and she just looked away.

“My secret.” She sat forward, so I just shook my head and started driving. We made it to Wisconsin around noon. Once we did, we checked into a motel, and suited up. Jessica knew what I was talking about. Usually I dress as journalists and go around talking about a story we were writing. We walked into the sheriff’s office and over to the woman sitting behind the front desk.

“Excuse me, I’m with Manitoc press.” We flashed her our fake I.D’s. “We were wondering if we could speak to the sheriff.” Jessica flashed her a smile.

“I’m sorry ladies, he’s in with two other gentlemen from the US Wildlife Service, but I’ll let you know as soon as he’s done.” She gave us a sweet smile and continued her paper work. So he sat down near the desk and waited. After about seven minutes of waiting the two gentlemen and the sheriff stood up in the office, hopefully to be leaving.

“Hey, I think they’re leaving.” Jessica nudged my shoulder and nodded towards the office. The three men started to exit. As they approached closer, we stood, and waited for them to leave. I smiled at them, but Jessica gave them the most awkward look.

“What are you doing?” I muttered to her very quietly. The tall man with the longer hair gave us a small smile, but the shorter one just eyed Jessica. They passed by us and went out the door, then the sheriff invited us in. I told them the same BS, we were trying to up our status at work and get a good story for the newspaper. He told us that the young woman drowned in the lake and all, but not very much details. I think Jessica and I both knew we weren’t getting anywhere with this guy, so we quickly got out of there to do our own research. We thanked him for his time and headed out.

“That was crap.” I said to Jessica as we were walking to the motel.

“You can say that again, I guess we’re on our own.” She sighed and we approached our motel door. I couldn’t help but wonder why Jessica gave those agents at the sheriff’s office a weird look. I stuck the key in and opened the door. We entered and I closed the door, but before we could even turn on a light, someone grabbed me from behind and covered held a knife up to my neck. Jessica’s case was the same, but the person who had her was the shorter agent guy from the sheriff’s office.

“Who are you!?” The taller man that grabbed me yelled over at Jess and to me.

“Wha-what?!” I started to panic.

“Where’s the rest of your pride!?” The shorter man yelled at us.

“Huh? Wait no!” Jessica yelled. “Please, it’s not what you think!”

“Yeah, we’re hunters!” I squeaked out, man knifes near my neck really freaked me out.

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