§ Tom Girl §

Stacy is a girl who belives in love at first sight. But what she doesn't know is that skatebords can help you find your true love


1. fallen

So i'm Stacy i live with a woderful family fromDoncaster. I work at a local Starbucks. And i know what your thinking ,that i get free coffee. Well...no i don't. I mean i get a discount but not that much. Anyways i can't wait for this year's family vacation. This year were going to a summer home in ...BRAZIL!!!! My family has been saving up for the trip for over a year *****One day has passed****************** So today is the last day of work before i go on vacation. So after my shift ended i grabbed my skatboard and backpack (yes imma tom boy) and hed outta there.so i grabbed my ipod and put it on to Lil Wayne. So i was rapping along with the song. When BOOM i trip over and fell on the concrete. I heard footsteps running coler to me. Then i saw a blurry outline of a boy and he said. "Here let me help you up." He held out his hand and i took it. When i stood up i looked at him and thanked him. I noticed how beautiful his blue eyes were and how his brown hair gently set on his head . ******* Louis' POV************** When. I was walking home from my friends house i saw this girl riding a skateboard. She had a back pack and wonderfull hair but as i got closer to her she tripped on a crack on the sidewalk. I stopped then ran for her. I helped her up and she thanked me. She looked at me and i looked back. I then said "hi i-I'm Louis." She then told me her name was Stacy . After that she got her skateboard and went off. I couldn't get her out of my mind.
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