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Renesmee has been bullied every since she moved from Hanna, Canada to Mullingar, Ireland. Her skin tone is the main reason. Also her heritage. She is French, Irish, Swedish, German, and Russian.


1. New House

I was fine in my old school of Hanna Elementary School. Then my parent's got divorced. My dad took my little sister and me. My mom took my little brother. They stayed in Hanna while we moved to Mullingar. My little brother, Marcel, didn't like my mom and dad separating. My little sister, Avril, doesn't really care. She never liked my mom. I loved my mom. My dad would always scream " Renesmee Noelle Zane, get down here now!" Even if I wasn't in trouble. Avril was always the innocent one. BULLSHIT! She is not innocent! She is a spoiled rotten brat! School, DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED! I hate it! I'm getting bullied because of my skin tone and my heritage. I am French, Irish, Swedish, German, and Russian. Oh yeah and British. My cousin, Chad, has the same thing. His parent's are divorced and he's living with the parent who hates him. He ended up with his mother and his older sister, Cecilia. While his dad got his little sister, Caelyn , and his little brother, Conan. He's going to being living with his dad in a month or so. 

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