Running Free

This is not the regular "werewolf story" this is going to take a totally different turn...


2. Meeting my Alpha.

I walked towards the small house of my current Alpha and knocked three times, two times, four times, one time, two times, the secret “knock-code” so we would know it was our own pack knocking. Lame-ass people.

‘Ah, come in.’ He said as he opened the door. I walked in and sat down on one of the chairs in his office, which I could find with my eyes closed by now. How many times I sat here.. Way to many to count on all four of my paws.

‘You will be beta-leading the next group.’ He said. I looked at him with confusion. What did he mean?
‘You will be set out with one of the Moon-pack..’ I inwardly sighed as he moved on. ‘And he will be cooperating with you as Alpha.’ Here I almost choked.. ‘You two will be leading a group of sixteen boys and girls your age..’ Sure, eighteen people of eighteen/nineteen years.. smart. Just put them into the wild as meat. ‘And you will build your own pack, make your own rules and live in peace without wolves or any other warrior-packs you will have to deal with.’ Uhu sure.. yeah, I believe that totally, yup, no doubt at all here.

‘Tomorrow you will spend one whole day with him alone to get to know each other.’ I groaned and Alpha Brown chuckled. ‘Good luck Red.. You’ll need it.’


Don’t get me wrong, yeah starting your own pack with your rules with just teenagers, it would sound like a dream.. Yeah a few years ago! Not now! Not with constant threat behind every corner in the woods. I mean, I couldn’t even drink without fighting my own damn tail thinking it is one of our enemies!

I was trained for this, I was trained to lead! I would take over the Star-pack and lead it in pure freedom and strength. But now.. I was doubting myself. I got up half an hour later I wanted to and shifted for a run. It looked damn awful, shifting, and I am glad I do not have to see it. It used to hurt too, but if you train hard, and do it a lot.. It’ll be easier.

I went for a short run and shifted back when I got back in my small room. I took a shower and changed into something that was comfortable but also would make a good first impression on my new Alpha.

I walked with half a sandwich in my hand and half a sandwich in my mouth towards the big tree that stood on the middle of our territory-lines. I sat down on the line that kept our packs apart and ate my sandwich as I smelled someone. Quickly my hearing senses noticed too and my eyes noticed something on my left, the Moon-Pack side. ‘Hey.’ I heard a boy’s voice say. ‘Hey.’ I said, calmly eating my sandwich. ‘Aren’t you going to bow?’ ‘Are you?’ ‘No, but I’m  supposed to be the Alpha.’ ‘Yeah, and I’m going to be the Beta so I won’t bow. As will anyone in our new pack.’ He stepped out the forest and sat down next to me. ‘So, my name is Jake.. What’s  yours?’  ‘Red.’ I answered him. ‘Really? Explains the hair.’ He winked. I chuckled, already liking him.

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