My Secret - Harry Styles Fan fiction

Harry Styles 1/5 of one direction has a secret, He's a cat hybrid. He has his charming looks with his brunette curls and his piercing green eyes with his smile adds up for every girl to look at with one direction but what they don't know is that he has more charming features which are hidden. Yep you got it that includes a tail and ears what will happen to his secret though?


2. Chapter 2


Liam's P.O.V

We were all stood in shock at what we just witnessed. I was sitting down with Harry curled up in my lap, then he started to whimper and scream for Louis. Something is really up with Harry and we need to find out quick.

Harry's P.O.V

All the lads were acting weird around me now, i hope they haven't figured it out, they proberly hate me now. I keep having nightmares about Louis, he apparently hates me and thinks im a big freak so he leaved me out on the street and people come to me and kick me and bully me while i scream Louis name. I was snapped out my thought when Liam waved his hand over my face.

"you ok there harry looks like you were thinking about something?" Liam asked and i just looked at him almost glaring.

"S..Sorry i'm good LiLi just thinking that's all," I replied and went to dress for the next concert we were arriving at today.

The only person i have really told about me being a Hybrid is a security guard Paul. He thinks it's great being a Hybrid but i don't agree, he always helps me out in different situations though just in case the boys are near.

I grabbed my phone and went into the bathroom to call Paul.

"Hello Harry how r u?"

"I'm not so good,"

"Why what happened?"

"I keep having nightmares and i think the boys are getting more suspicious about my behaviour,"

"Oh I see well try and sleep with Louis as much as possible then you won't have the dreams ok?"

"Ok, thanks Paul,"

"Bye Harry,"

I hung up and finished changing into my outfit and made my way to the fridge for a glass of milk.

I started drinking my milk when Liam scared me.

"Bloody hell Liam you scared me,"

"Sorry, Just came to see if you are ready as we will be there in an hour," He said.

"Yh im ready just thirsty," I replied.


We arrived at the concert location where we met Paul.

"Hey guy's your on in 10 minutes, Harry a word please,"

"Sure," I answered and walked with him into another room.

"Ok s first what are these nightmares about?" He asked.

"People beating the crap out of me and me just yelling Louis i guess," I said trying to lie.

"Cut the crap Harry that's only half of the nightmare,"

"Louis thinks im a freak and he thinks im worthless so he chucks me out on the street,"

"You know that would never happen Harry,"

"Please don't tell them Paul i'm begging you,"

"Ok , it's ok it's safe with me,"


" YOUR ON!" A crew member shouted from the door.

"Ok coming, thanks Paul"

"Your welcome, go " He said and I ran out the room and over to the boys who were ready to go on.

We all ran on, "HELLO LA HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING TONIGHT!" Louis shouted.


After a very good concert we made our way to the bus and everyone just sat down on the sofa's while i made my way to the bunks only to be stopped by Louis.

"Where you going Hazza?" He asked.

"Bed," I answered and walked into the bunks. I crawled into Louis bunk wearing some sweats and my beanie. I inhaled Louis scent and hugged his pillow while i became unconscious by darkness.

Louis P.O.V

"Bed," He said and made his way to the bunks. I walked back into the living room and sat with the lads.

"Where's Harry?" Niall asked.

"Went to bed," I answered. 

"Well im gonna head there myself night lads," Zayn said, we all said night back to him and he left which only left 3.

I looked at Liam who was looking at me.

"What are we gonna do about Harry?" I asked him.

"I dunno but we need to find out what's wrong with him because he is drifting and he is getting worse every night.

"GUYS!" Zayn quietly shouted and we all looked confused but ran to the bunks to find Zayn staring at Harry's bunk. 

"Where is Harry?" I asked Zayn.

"Oh he isn't there well why don't you look one bed up Louis," He said and i looked up only to hear whimpering. I stood on the ladder leading up to my bunk and found Harry cuddled up to my pillow with tears running down his face and his hands clenched into a fist hold the pillow for dear life.

"What the hell is going on with this Lad?" I questioned.

"Well i think we should talk to him about this in the morning," Liam said.

"Liam have you noticed something wrong with Harry like hunger?" I asked him and they all stared at me confused.

"No why?"

"Well i caught him the other day in the fridge,"

"Yeah everyone goes to a fridge Louis," Zayn said.

"Yeah but is it normal for someone to go to a fridge and drink a hole carton of milk?"

"No, he never used to drink it," Liam said.

"Well, i'll try and talk to him tomorrow,"

"Ok night Louis," They all said in unison. I crawled into my bunk and slipped in behind Harry who flinched at my sudden touch.

I shook him slightly and his eye's snapped open.



"Come here," I said to him and he turned around to face me. I pulled him closer to my chest and he just snuggled his head into my chest. I could he his breathing move faster as he snuggled into me. I leaned my chin on top of his head and drifted into darkness.




Harry's P.O.V

I woke up and tried to move but failed as someone's arms were around my waist. I looked up to see Boobear staring at me.

"Morning," He said smiling but frowned when i tried to get out of his grip again. My tail and ears were really uncomfortable and i need to stretch them out but i can't with Louis holding me.

"What's the matter Harry?" He said. I shook my head and kept trying to move but he held me tighter.

"Come one Harry tell me, what are your nightmare's about," Oh God he knew i was having nightmares, i can't tell them why, u just can't i know that the nightmare will turn real if they knew.


"Yes it is don't lie to me," he said sternly.

"We're just trying to help you Harry," He said. I still shook my head he's getting angry and i'm afraid he will snap. I suddenly started shaking with my eye's shut.

"GUYS!" Louis shouted and he made me flinch.

I heard 3 pair's of feet run into the room.

"What happened Lou?" Niall asked.

"Look," He said and i started shaking more and thrashed around to try and get out of Louis grip.

"What did you do to him Louis, he's petrified," Liam said.

"I didn't do anything i was talking to him but he just kept shaking his head and then started this,"

"Well...." Liam got cut off by someone else walking in the room.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HIM LET GO LOUIS!" I flinched at the voice but was also relieved i knew that voice anywhere, Paul.

"Why, what's up with him?" Louis said sounding confused.

I heard someone step closer and touch my shoulder and i looked to see Paul with his arms out.

"Come on Lad," He said and i stuck my arms out, he picked my up like a toddler and i put my legs round his waist and buried my head in his neck not daring to look at the other's while i sobbed my heart out.

I felt Paul rubbing my back and whispering stuff to me.

"It's ok Harry, no-one's gonna hurt you calm down," He said calmly.

"Paul where are you going with him?" Louis asked walking in the room.

"He's staying in my bus," Paul replied.

"YOU CAN'T JUST TAKE HIM FROM US!" Louis shouted which made me instantly start to shake and Paul could feel it. Louis used that voice in my Nightmares the day he chucked me out on the street.

"Yes i can Louis now move," By that time i didn't recongise that Louis and walked in front of Paul and blocked the door.

"No," Louis said.

"Louis you need to move he's only gonna get worse hearing you get mad," Thanks Paul way to state the obvious in my situation.

"Why,  Why is he like this Paul, He sleeps on the other lads and end's up screaming my name Tell me!" He said slowly raising his voice at the end.

"I can't tell you unless Harry wants you to know," He said.

"Harry," I looked up to see Niall.

"Can you tell us Lad we just want to help you," He asked. I slowly looked from him to Louis to Liam and then Zayn. They all gave me sympathetic looks as i slowly nodded.

"Are you sure you wanna do this Harry?"  Paul whispered. I nodded again and Louis smiled at me while holding his arms out for me to be carried. I let go of Paul and went into Louis arms. I wrapped my legs around his waist and put my head in the crook of his neck. I inhaled his scent and instantly calmed down.

We all went to the couch and sat down, well i was on Louis lap. I stared at the wall and froze, how do i tell them.

I was brought out of my frozen state by Louis rubbing my back.

"Harry," He said calmly looking me in the eye's. 

"U..mmm Paul shell i just you know," I asked him and he nodded.

"If your comfortable with it," I nodded and I stood up.

"Please don't scream guys," Paul said standing next to me. I went behind him and took off my trousers and beanie."Ready," I said and Paul stepped to the side. All the boys stared at me with there mouths open. Niall was the first to step out of the trance and run to me. I back away slightly which earnt him a glare from Paul.

"Sorry, Harry i'm not gonna hurt you i just wanna touch them," He said calmly and i let him move forward until he was right in front of me. He touched my tail and stroked it which made me move it around his arm. He chuckled and then started looking at my ears. Paul bent down and whispered something to him and Niall's face lit up with excitement. He moved his hand from my tail and moved it towards my ears and he started scratching behind my ears. Behind my ears was my soft spot and i couldn't hold in my, "PURRRR," I put my hand over my mouth while Paul and Niall chuckled.

"That is so cute," Niall said.

"Y..You d.don't hate me?" I asked him and he looked at Paul in confusion.

"Hybrid are known to be rejected by normal people like me and you, so they normally stick them in cages or if they are on the street then they get beaten up until there nearly dead, When Harry was having the nightmares he was actually ok with you lads but he was screaming Louis name because his nightmare was about Louis,"

I gulped and looked at the floor.

"So the dream was about Louis?" Zayn said snapping out the trance. Louis looked at me horrififed.

"What did i do to you Harry?" He asked.

I gulped, "Y..You hated me and chucked me out on the street, a group of people found me and hit me with bats," I said and collapsed onto the floor sobbing.


Louis's P.O.V


I can't believe he would think that, i wouldn't hate him because he is part cat, i think it's quite cute actually.

I watched him fall to the floor in tear's, I walked over to the Lad and bent down next to him. I looked up to see no one else in the room, obviously they left to give us some privacy.

"Harry look at me," I said putting my hand under his chin.


"Because you think i hate you and your terribly wrong i could never hate you and i think you look very cute like that," I said and his eye's snapped up and started watering even more.

"Y..You really think that," He asked.

"Yes Harry i mean that," I said and he fell into my arms. I picked him up and he wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs were around my waist. He put his head in the crooks of my neck and sobbed while i had one of my arms round his waist and another stroking his head.

"Shh it's ok Harry i won't ever do that to you ok," I said to him and he nodded.

I will never do that to him, ever.

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