Their new stylist

Hannah just turned eighteen and can finally move away from her parents. But when she moves from Connecticut to London she finds herself unemployed. Her parents gave her money to buy a flat but that'd only last a month or two. Hannah wants to do something with fashion, and makeup. That's what she's always been good at. But it is basically impossible to find a job like that in London. One Direction's old stylist just had to quit to take care of her daughter more. And in the music business you have to look your best. They are about to go on another tour too, with the new band 5Sos. So what happens when their two worlds collide?


9. Lazy day

Their new stylist: (By: TributesDirectioner)

Lazy day


Hannah's POV:

I wake up to Luke's strong arms around me. I turn around to face him. His beautiful eyes are open.

"How long have you been up?" I ask.

"Only a few minutes." He answers.

"You should've woke me up so you could leave." I say.

"No, you look too perfect when you sleep. But you always look perfect." He smiles and I blush.

"You too." I smile. I peck his lips quickly before sitting up to leave.

"Nope!" He pulls me down next to him. Luke climbs on top of me with his arms supporting his weight. He kisses me so I kiss back. He licks my bottom lip to ask for entrance and I grant excess. It turns into a full out heated make out secession.

But all good times end, and Mickey (Michael) walks in the bed room.

"MY EYES!" He screams covering his eyes. He tries leaving the room but walks straight into a wall. "FACK!" He lays down on the ground with his hands still on his eyes and puts his thighs to his chest.

Luke pecks my lips once again then gets up. I get up and help Mickey up.

"Damn! What do you eat?" I ask.

"We all know what Lukey's eating!" He winks at me. I roll my eyes and go into the kitchen and get some coffee. All the 5Sos boys are sitting in the living room area playing video games.

I go into the bed room area to get dressed. I throw on some ripped white skinnies, a burgundy low cut Jack Daniels tank top, dark grey vans, and throw my hair in a messy bun. I put on foundation, mascara, lip gloss, black eyeliner on the bottom, and a thin line of black liquid eyeliner.


The boys' noises from the living room are still as loud as before. I walk into the living room and sit on Luke's lap. I lean back and he wraps his arms around my waist.

"You know I can see right down that top right?" He blushes.

"Good for you." I shrug. He kisses my cheek.

"HONEY WE'RE HOME!" One Direction all shout coming into our bus. Wait how'd they get on the bus? Then I realize that the bus isn't moving.

"There's a lot of traffic so we decided to come over here!" Liam says reading my mind. Creepy. The boys then notice Luke's arms around me. They all stare at us.

"Finally Luke!" Liam cheers.

"You two look awesome together." Zayn smiles.

"GET SOME!" Lou shouts.

"Took you long enough!" Harry laughs.

"Hurt her, I'll kill you." Calum says with a straight face.

"Yeah, and if I walk in on another spit swapping secession I'll kill myself!" Mickey makes a disgusted face. Ashton and Niall just stay quiet. What's up with them?



I run around just in my jeans, and a bra holding a bottle of whiskey. We all got the awesome idea to drink. Let's just say now Liam is about to kill himself, as he decided not to. Luke grabs me and starts kissing me.

When he lets go I start giggling uncontrollably and start running again. Calum, Mickey, Harry, Lou, and Zayn are yelling the lyrics to 'I Love It' by Iconic Pop. Ashton and Niall are just downing beers like it's water. Luke starts running around with me.

Liam is trying to quiet down the singing, while trying to get Niall, and Ashton to stop drinking AND get me and Luke to stop running.

Like THAT is gonna happen!

I take another swing of what's ever in my hand.

And that's all I remember.

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