The Shanklin Witch Academy Champion

Shanklin Witch Academy is a small magic school on the Isle of Wight. This small school will travel to one of the most known school's in Europe, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, for the Triwizard Tournament. But when average fourteen year old student, CeCe Chambers, is chosen to compete on behalf of her school she realizes everybody is counting on her. While trying to beat Durmstrang champion, Aleksandar Dimitrov, and Hogwarts champion, James Potter, and being to first from her school to ever compete, will she become the first from her school to win?

(Notes) - This takes place 22 years after battle of Hogwarts & Thanks to ATarnishedSoul for the amazing cover.


3. Chapter 3

As the next evening loomed upon them, the students from Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Shanklin Witch gathered in the Great Hall to reveal the champions. “At last,” Professor McGonagall announced, “The evening is here. The evening where we reveal the champions from each school. If your name is chosen there is no backing out. Just do your best for your school.”

Then the fire in the Goblet of Fire turned red and shot out a piece of paper. Adella and CeCe were excited to find out who the Shanklin champion was up against. “Aleksandar Dimitrov.” Professor McGonagall shouted as everyone gave a round of applause. A tall good-looking boy stood up from the Durmstrang benches and shook Professor McGonagall’s hand.

Then a second piece of paper shot out of the Goblet. Professor McGonagall unfolded it and shouted “James Potter.” There was an even larger round of applause as a tall ginger haired boy stood up and shook Professor McGonagall’s hand. CeCe whispered to Adella “It’s one of Harry Potter’s kids.” Adella gasped, “So he’s going to be really good.” CeCe just shrugged.

Finally a third piece of paper shot out of the Goblet. As Professor McGonagall unfolded the piece of paper, CeCe saw Professor Butler looking really excited. “Cecelia Chambers.” Professor McGonagall called out. CeCe froze. Did her name just get called out? Then Adella nudged her. CeCe stood up, ignoring the applause, shook Professor McGonagall’s hand and stood by the other two champions.

As CeCe stood her palms started felting sweaty. She felt her face got as red as James Potter’s hair. “These are our chosen champions,” Professor McGonagall announced “For Durmstrang Institute, Aleksandar Dimitrov. For Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, James Potter. And for Shanklin Witch Academy, Cecelia Chambers. The first task will take place on November twenty-fourth.”

        When everyone was filing out of the Great Hall, CeCe went to join Adella but then she felt a hand on her shoulder. “Miss Chambers,” Professor Butler said from behind her “We still have things to discuss.” CeCe sighed, turn around towards the crowd containing the other to champions, Professor McGonagall and Professor Herzog.

“Now,” Professor McGonagall began “Tomorrow, you will meet here for the Weighing of the Wands ceremony. This will only take two or three minutes, and then you will be sent off to be interviewed by the Daily Prophet.” The three champions nodded as they walked out of the Great Hall together.

All three of them were silent. Until CeCe decided to brake the ice. “OK,” she blushed “I’m not trying you make peace or anything I just don’t want us walking around with out getting to know each other. So I’m Cecelia, but you can call me CeCe.”

“Здравейте, CeCe. I am Aleksandar.” The Durmstrang boy said politely with a strong Bulgarian accent. Then CeCe and Aleksandar both stared at the other boy. “I’m James Potter, as you may already know.” He said.

“It’s an honour to make your acquaintance,” Aleksandar smiled “Your father must be a great man.”

James just shrugged “He’s OK I guess. I mean I’m not really the favourite.”

        “Who is then?” CeCe asked curiously.

“My little brother Albus.” James explained “To be honest I thought Shanklin girls were all ugly nerds but I see I was wrong.”

“Are you flirting with me?” CeCe demanded.

“Maybe,” James smirked. After talking for a while they parted their different ways.

        CeCe felt pleased that she had got to know whom she was up against but a little uncomfortable with James flirting with her.  When she got back to the fourth year tent, all of the girls were really excited. She was swarm with questions like ‘What happened?’ and ‘Did you talk to that Potter boy?’

        CeCe’s felt her head start spinning. She felt really hot. But before could wobble to her bed she fainted.

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