The Shanklin Witch Academy Champion

Shanklin Witch Academy is a small magic school on the Isle of Wight. This small school will travel to one of the most known school's in Europe, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, for the Triwizard Tournament. But when average fourteen year old student, CeCe Chambers, is chosen to compete on behalf of her school she realizes everybody is counting on her. While trying to beat Durmstrang champion, Aleksandar Dimitrov, and Hogwarts champion, James Potter, and being to first from her school to ever compete, will she become the first from her school to win?

(Notes) - This takes place 22 years after battle of Hogwarts & Thanks to ATarnishedSoul for the amazing cover.


10. Chapter 10

June 24th finally came around it wasn't just the champions who were nervous. The third task as they said we the most traitorous and dangerous of them all. CeCe didn't really believe it could get any worse than swimming in the Black Lake in the middle of February while being attacked by merpeople.


While walking to the stands Adella, Rose and Albus didn’t talk much. CeCe feeling even more nervous than she had when she name was picked out. Her stomach was churning, her heart was pounding, and her palms felt sweaty.


The third task was apparently a maze full of obstacles such as Blast-Ended Skrewts, giant spiders and anti-gravity mist with the Triwizard cup in the middle. Professor Butler added that CeCe’s parents, Eliza (née Woodville) and Robert Chambers, will be turning up to witness the event.


So once CeCe arrived at the venue of the third task, she was to meet with her parents. “We’re very proud of you,” Her father told “And we love you very much.” Then when CeCe went to hug them, she noticed her mum had put on a bit of weight. “There’s something we have to tell you,” her mum sighed with tears in her eyes. There was a long pause before her mother finally said, “Cecelia Margaret Ann Chambers, your going to be a big sister.”


“Mum, that’s amazing!” CeCe cheered. Then Professor McGonagall started her announcement. “Welcome everyone, to the third and final task of the Triwizard Tournament,” she began “Today the champions will be competing for the Triwizarsd cup, which is located in the center of the maze.”


Then it was announced that the champions were to be sent into the maze in of their score. So while Aleksandar went into the maze, CeCe went to ask Louise something. “Hey, why aren’t you with your parents?” Louise asked when CeCe came over.


“I just wanted to ask, why Aleksandar saved you in the last task?” CeCe asked.

“Well,” Louise said, “I forgot to tell you. Aleksandar is my half brother.” CeCe was a little surprised to what Louise had told her. “We have the same mum.” Louise explained.

“OK, I understand now.” CeCe smiled.


That made a lot more sense. Aleksandar and Louise were half brother and sister. As she got over the fact that Louise and Aleksandar were related, CeCe was called over by Professor Butler. It was time for her to enter the maze. “Now it’s Cecelia’s turn to enter,” Professor McGonagall said. CeCe gulped as the entrance to the maze opened.


As she stepped into the maze, all the cheers from the crowd gradually became silence. Inside the maze was dark, damp, and dim. CeCe pulled out her wand as she started to walk forward. Suddenly the hedges started closing together rapidly. CeCe ran before the hedge could close her in.


 Once she made if away from the body crushing hedges, CeCe bumped into a dementor, a guard at Azkaban prison. It was a floating bag of bones covered by a torn black cloak, which has the power to suck out your very sole. But CeCe wasn't afraid; she just pointed her wand and shouted “Expecto Partronum!” and released her bat shaped patronus. 


The dementor floated away, as CeCe continued thought the maze. Then she heard a yelp with pain. She rounded a corner and saw Aleksandar fighting a giant spider. From what she could see, the spider ad bitten him. Lucky their not poisonous CeCe thought as she walked on.         


Next CeCe ran into a Blast-Ended Skrewt. This was advanced Potions for her. So she pulled out her wand and cast the Impediment Jinx, which blow the Skrewt away. The maze was full of dead ends and obstacles. After a very long forty-five minutes, CeCe found James. He was covered in cuts and bruises and had a gashed on his thigh. 


CeCe rushed to help him. “No, CeCe.” James croaked as she used the jacket Louise gave her to bandage his leg. “I’m not braking my promise James,” CeCe told him “I’m doing this for the others.” She helped him up and had him put his arm round her shoulders to help him walk. 


The two of them struggled round the maze throwing charms and hexes at anything that attacked them. After a while they finally found the center of the maze. “James I’ll take you up to the cup and you can touch it. You can win.” “No CeCe!” James argued “You should win. You should …” Then Aleksandar appeared out of nowhere, but fell to his knees. He had been splinched.  “Must get the cup.” He groaned as he started crawling towards the Triwizard cup as well as clutching his shoulder in pain. CeCe hoisted James over her shoulder and struggled towards the cup. As she fingers touched the cup the three champions were transported back to outside the maze.

The crowd roared with delight. “Shanklin Witch Academy win the Triwizard Tournament!” Professor McGonagall cheered. Professor Butler and her father pulled CeCe off of James. Albus, Lily, Rose, Hugo and what looked like Albus and Lily’s parents came rushing over to their badly injured relative.

CeCe didn’t know what to think. She, Cecelia Margaret Ann Chambers, had won the Triwizard Tournament for her school. Then James parents came over to her. “CeCe, we’re James’ parents and we are eternally grateful for what you did for James.” The red haired lady said.                                                                                                                                "It's my pleasure, Mr and Mrs Potter." CeCe smiled.                                                          “Oh please, it’s Ginny and Harry.” Mr Potter said as Albus came over.                                     “You were brilliant.” He cried kissing CeCe.  

“To tell you the truth,” CeCe said after the kiss “Me and James promised that if either of us got hurt. The other would take their body with them. We promised for you, Lily, Rose, Hugo, Adella plus our parents.”

“Looks like you did a good job at keeping your word.” CeCe’s father said putting his hand on his daughter’s shoulder. 


As Harry and her dad took James and CeCe to Madame Pomfrey, CeCe felt proud of what she did. It was for the greater good.







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