The Shanklin Witch Academy Champion

Shanklin Witch Academy is a small magic school on the Isle of Wight. This small school will travel to one of the most known school's in Europe, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, for the Triwizard Tournament. But when average fourteen year old student, CeCe Chambers, is chosen to compete on behalf of her school she realizes everybody is counting on her. While trying to beat Durmstrang champion, Aleksandar Dimitrov, and Hogwarts champion, James Potter, and being to first from her school to ever compete, will she become the first from her school to win?

(Notes) - This takes place 22 years after battle of Hogwarts & Thanks to ATarnishedSoul for the amazing cover.


1. Chapter 1

A/N: Congrats to Opal Ann, Louise McBear & Roxy Jellyfish K. for winning the character competition. I hope enjoy my new movella.


It was the beginning-of-the-year feast. The dinning hall was buzzing with conversation. CeCe and her best friend Adella were sitting at the fourth year table chatting about what you think will happen during the next academic year.

“May I have your attention?” Professor Butler, their headmistress, raised her voice “As I had announced at last years end-of-year feast, Shanklin Witch Academy with be travelling to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to compete in the Triwizard Tournament.” All of the students cheered “But for those who do not know, the Triwizard Tournament is a competition between three schools and one student from each school, between the ages of fourteen and seventeen, will compete on behalf of their school. This decision will be made when we arrive at Hogwarts.”

After Professor Butler had finished everyone started chattering again. “I can’t believe we’re actually going to another school.” Adella squealed with excitement.

“I know,” CeCe replied “But I can’t believe it’s been twenty-five years since that last Triwizard Tournament.”

“What sort of things do you have to do?” Adella asked. She didn’t know must about the Triwizard Tournament due to being a muggle-born. “I don’t know.” CeCe shrugged. Even though CeCe was a pureblood and knew a lot about the wizarding world, she didn’t know much about the Triwizard Tournament.

After the feast CeCe and Adella followed the rest of the fourth years to the dormitory block. Once they arrived the head of fourth year and fourth year housemistress greeted them as they entered. “Good evening fourth year girls of 2038.” A tall middle-aged woman said “My name is Professor West and I will be your head of year for the next academic year.” Then a tall younger woman said “I’m Madame Clarke and I will be your housemistress for this year.”

After Madame Clarke had finished speaking, Professor West ran though a register to make sure everyone what there. “Morgan, Poppy … Wilkinson, Claire … Gill, Hayley … Young, Amanda … Ernisse, Adella … Chambers, Cecelia …”

Everyone had their eyes on CeCe who gulped with nerve. “Present, Professor West.” She murmured looking down at the floor. Once Professor West had finished, Adella put up her hand politely. “Yes, Miss err … Ernisse.”  Professor West said. Adella swiftly handed her a note that her parents had written her. CeCe knew immediately what it was about.

      You see Adella Ernisse wasn't just a muggle-born witch. She was an Animagus. She had the ability to turn into a raven whenever she pleased. But she was only allowed out at night on the beach at the bottom of the hill Shanklin Witch sat on because no one will see her.

“I quite understand, Miss Ernisse,” Professor West nodded as she handed back the note “You may go outside and stretch your wings on the beach.” Adella took a sigh of relief as Professor West continued “Now you will be leaving for Hogwarts at two o’clock tomorrow afternoon on your brooms. Professor Butler and Professor Edwards, the Charms teacher, will help you load your luggage onto your brooms. Also before you take of Professor Butler, Madame Clarke and the other housemistresses will cast an invisibility charm so that you are not seen by muggles. Then you will take off, flying over Fishbourne and over the sea to the main land. Do I make myself clear?” The girls nodded as they were dismissed to bed.

CeCe longed to share a room with just her and Adella. But instead she had to share with everyone else and Adella. The rest of the girls didn't talk to CeCe that much. She was just one of those girls who only had one friend and nobody else seems to pay attention to her.

      As CeCe dressed into her pyjamas, Adella quickly turned into her raven form and squawked at her friend to open the window. “OK, OK.” CeCe giggled as her picked her wand up from her bedside table “Alohomora.” The window swung open and Adella took off into the early autumn sunset.

      Adella’s barn owl, Dorri, however didn't like the idea of another bird getting to fly out of the window. “What?” CeCe said to the grumpy looking owl “The only time you’re allowed out is to deliver owls.” As CeCe climbed into bed she found her magenta pink pygmy puff, Polly, sitting on her pillow. Then when CeCe laid her head down, Polly curled up in CeCe’s long, brown locks and fell asleep.

      CeCe smiled as she closed her eyes and thought of who would represent her school in the Triwizard Tournament. 

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