The Beach House

All Anthony wanted was a better life, a change to his surroundings, he wanted to live a life of his choosing. April 17th would be the day that his wish tragically came true. My piece for the More Than This competition.


6. The End

I rummaged through my belongings from that fateful night at Micky's to find my phone. Hastily, hands still bleeding, I tried to find a number I could ring for someone who may have known how to get in contact with Bez. Strangely near the top of my contact was a contact called just, "the beach house."

I sat staring at the number, wondering if I was still tripping perhaps. I rang it anyway, I was desperate. A hard to place accent answered the phone, he didn't say much other than, "I'm on my way."

A few moments later Bez arrived at my door, I didn't question how he knew where I lived or how his number was in my phone, none of this mattered. He merely handed me that pill I craved and said only, "you may never come back, you do realise this?"

I nodded, this was something I had to do, there was no other option anymore. I needed to end this one way or another.

I dropped the pill right there in the doorway and watched him walk away. It all started as before, the seagulls, the darkness, the void.

Then the sun rose once again and was greeted by that feeling of contentment I had craved to feel one more time. I ran across the beach and entered the house, my house.

Music was playing, laughter echoed around the walls, and there stood everyone I could wish to spend my time with. Here I was Anthony, here I was complete. I walked up to Harry who was merely dancing, I grabbed him, I wanted to say goodbye, but I paused. I stopped myself and looked around, then one single thought entered my mind, one perfect idea, 'why should I?'

I came to the beach house to say goodbye to Harry, to finally have peace. But deep down I guess I always knew I wasn't planning to go back. The dream life I wanted was dead in the real world, because everyone I wanted to share it with was here, in this make-believe house on the beach. 


As the sun set over the house I knew I had made my choice, there was no life to go back to now, the beach house was all I had left. And, looking on at the happy faces of those I missed so much, I couldn't imagine living any other way.

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