The Past

Landon is shy, lonely, mysterious. But he was popular, once.
The years since his father was murdered he's been an outsider. No one really matters to him, no one seems to care. But then, for the first time in years, someone attempts to become his friend - Attalia, a timid young girl, friendly as ever.
Suddenly, he feels like he has someone to talk to. Suddenly, none of this is a nightmare.
But when he finds out the truth of Attalia's past, he realises that maybe their friendship can't be what it seems.
After all, he's been open with her, whilst she's been hiding the darkest secrets...


9. Landon - 'You Know I'll Always Love You'

I'm smiling; I go towards Mira's bedroom, prepared to force headphones off her ears. Instead, I scream. It isn't a proper scream, it's soon chopped off by my tongue twisting itself around my throat and suffocating me. 

I fall to the ground, hands buried in my head. The only sound that I can hear is the drip of her blood on the oak floor. Before she hung herself, she'd cut her wrists so deep that they produced a puddle on the floor. 

"Mira..."  I whisper, crawling forwards towards her body. I notice a white piece of paper facing downwards in the scarlet-red blood. Picking it up, I rub off the blood, not caring to get it on my sleeves. 

I don't know really how to start this, there are no words that really work. Landy, my little brother - you know I'll always love you, even if I do seem lifeless. I can assure you, my spirit will always be watching. Parents, I just want to say I'm sorry.

I did this for everyone's good. It seems like I was the most popular girl in school yesterday and then suddenly, I wasn't. I never told you because I didn't want you to worry but basically after I broke up with Josh, he told me that I couldn't break up with him. He wouldn't allow it. I told him that we were over and were never going to be back together. He told me I'd regret it for the rest of my life. And I guess I have. Because he did some stuff that I'm not going to tell you. But I just want you to know that I'm sorry and that I'll always love you, my family.

At the end it's damp, as if she's been crying. I gently whimper to myself.

"Landon? Mira?" Dad inquires up the stairs. "What's taking so long?" I say nothing. I hear the distant sound of footsteps climbing up the stairs. Then, before long, he's rushing over to her, tears rolling down his white, slightly chubby cheeks.

And then, he leaves. He exits the house, and doesn't return for a full week. Nor me or mum get told his actions. All we know is that soon after that...

My eyes dart open. I feel sweat sticking to every part of my body, a puddle of distressed tears are to my left. I let out a pained cry, before realizing that it's morning. I pull the covers back over me, not wanting to face school. But soon, common sense pushes me to climb out of bed and prepare for the day ahead of me.

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