The Past

Landon is shy, lonely, mysterious. But he was popular, once.
The years since his father was murdered he's been an outsider. No one really matters to him, no one seems to care. But then, for the first time in years, someone attempts to become his friend - Attalia, a timid young girl, friendly as ever.
Suddenly, he feels like he has someone to talk to. Suddenly, none of this is a nightmare.
But when he finds out the truth of Attalia's past, he realises that maybe their friendship can't be what it seems.
After all, he's been open with her, whilst she's been hiding the darkest secrets...


4. Attalia - 'New Change, New Life'

It's when I move closer that I see it. The way it's stabbed into his chest, crimson red blood pouring out from inside him. The shiny silver tag attached to his shirt reads 'Mr Tyde'.

I want to help him; I wish I could, but at this moment in time all I can do is stare.

Maybe it would be different if the killer was unknown; maybe I'd have rung the police. But thinking about the consequences I know I can't.

So what my Dad's a killer?

So what he's just murdered someone?

I know that telling the world won't help anything. My mum will leave him, I'll be caught in between the traps, and nothing will ever be the same again.


Now, I just lie here silently, wishing that maybe I had done something about it, that maybe I should have rung the police.



I can keep this inside for my family.

I can keep this secret to protect our lives.



But really, I can't.

Whilst all my life has gone on so easily, I'm stuck here keeping the biggest secret of all.

And no matter how hard I try to keep it in, somehow I feel like someone needs to know.


This isn't the only time I've thought this through. It must be a million times that I've laid in bed, imagining different scenarios of breaking this to my Mum.



I'm sorry, but Dad's a murderer.

I have something to tell you Mum...I'm not sure you're like it but...

I saw it Mum... Dad murdered someone in front of my flipping eyes!



But none of them would solve anything. I don't think there's a possible way of breaking it without upsetting someone.

So again, I leave my room as normal; again I eat breakfast at the table trying to ignore the way my Dad acts towards my Mum so innocently; again I walk to school thinking about my troubles, and again I feel like I wish I could be someone else.

Except this time, it's different. Not only do I still live through all that, but today I'm starting a new school.


New change, new life.


And I hope it's for the best.


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