The Past

Landon is shy, lonely, mysterious. But he was popular, once.
The years since his father was murdered he's been an outsider. No one really matters to him, no one seems to care. But then, for the first time in years, someone attempts to become his friend - Attalia, a timid young girl, friendly as ever.
Suddenly, he feels like he has someone to talk to. Suddenly, none of this is a nightmare.
But when he finds out the truth of Attalia's past, he realises that maybe their friendship can't be what it seems.
After all, he's been open with her, whilst she's been hiding the darkest secrets...


12. Attalia - 'I knew it.'

As soon as lunch is over, I'm glad to flee from Landon's eyesight. Not because I hate him, nor because I hate company; it's just that something is bugging me. And I want to know more.

By the time Maths comes around, last lesson, I'm almost frozen. My arms are shaking wildly and my heart pounds in my chest. This is when I first found out, I can't stop thinking.

Sitting down I turn around to Landon behind me. He smiles comfortingly.

"You okay now?" he asks.

I was always okay.

"Yeah I'm fine." I say instead, turning back around.

All through maths, I'm fidgeting. Jumping at the slightest of movements, and shivering at the tiny breezes that flow through the window. I must be coming up with something.

I'm about half way through the questions sheet when I can feel a headache coming on. Stabs of pain make my head throb, so I politely ask if I can take a break outside.

Sitting on the bench outside doesn't help, though. The wind moans, and the trees rustle. All I feel is loneliness, emptiness, despair.

I hear footsteps beside me, and suddenly Landon is there.

"How'd you get let out?"


Silence falls between us as he sits beside me, shivering cold himself.

"You know, it would help if you told me what's wrong." He mentions, staring at the school grounds ahead of us.

"I'm sure it would help if I didn't."

He gives me a quizzical look, but I ignore it, pushing myself back up.

"I think I'm feeling better." I announce, and I try to put on a smile.

"That's good." He says, falling for it.

We walk in separately back into Maths, so the teacher doesn't suspect something.

Only 5 minutes to the bell.

When I'm packing up my bags to leave for the day, I decide to turn around to Landon to thank him for earlier, but I accidentally take a glimpse at his Maths book. This time, it sinks in, and I know I wasn't just seeing things before.

Landon Tyde.

I knew it.

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