It's always been her.

Justin and Aubrey have been friends since the first year of high school but never really been more than friends. Although they did share that one kiss at they're school dance just before he left to go to Atlanta and be who he is today. Justin Bieber. Do they become a thing? Who knows read and find out:)


8. You forgot.


The next morning I awoke untangled in white sheets with the sun beaming through the window of my room of our villa cuddled up to somebody. Not to sure who but they feel familiar so I cuddled more into him. He smelt like alcohol but he pulled it off. He had a few tattoos on his left arm making a little sleeve not quite finished yet. 

Who was I sleeping with? 

"Morning" His raspy voice said knocking me out of my thoughts i suddenly realized who i was sleeping with. 

"M-morning" I replied maybe stuttering, because I realized i was probably naked, well i know i was  naked under these sheets i could feel my bare skin touching his. I blushed most definitely.

*end of recap* 


*Aubrey's point of view* 

The moment i looked into his eyes I wasn't sure whether we had sex or not. Did we? I don't even remember! I wanted my first time to be special!! But no i have to be stupid and be too drunk to know whats going on god dammit! 

"Well, last night was eventful..." he said smirking.

"Yeah about that..." I trailed off...

"and no before you ask we didn't have sex, i can see the regret in your eyes, and i felt you shift to feel whether or not you were wearing anything, and well you suggested to sleep like this but don't worry I don't have sex with people who are highly drunk or unconscious" he said with a slight smug grin.

"I WAS UNCONSCIOUS? what!? damn, how bad was I, and thanks for not using my body" i said slightly relieved that I hadn't had sex but disappointed because he is mighty O'fine. 

" well yeah, you were leaning in to kiss me for the 100th time that minute and you just blacked out into a deep sleep, which of course i didn't mind because that means I was could cuddle up to you" he said with a slight smirk.

Oh I forgot to mention who Im in bed with well this interruption should give it away...

"Well... i suggest we both get changed and go for breakfa-" I wasn't able to finish my sentence because I was interrupted by the one person I hadn't wanted to see us. 

"Bree were going to the bea-" He started but as soon as he looked up his eyes literally popped out of his had as if he was just shot in the stomach, or heart. 

"Oh... Justin, er what was it that you w-wanted?" i said gulping afraid of what was to come. 

"What on earth is this!? Are you NAKED? wtf Bree!?" Justin said a little too angry for my liking.

"what is wrong with you why are you acting as if what i do harms your life? FYI JUSTIN THIS IS MY LIFE I CAN DO WHAT I WANT" i said slightly annoyed so i accidentally shouted back. 

"what?" he asked a little taken back. "What has this got to do to harm my life?, Bree your my best friend, you've never had sex before I never thought your first time would be with a stranger who hardly knows you whilst you were too drunk to function?" he said a little softer. 

My eyes gaped open. "What? Y-you think we had sex?" Shocked but managed to let out a slight laugh. " And he seems to know me more than you do right at this point!"

"Well you are fully clothed under them sheets are you?" He said with a questioning look. 

Currently Sam yes he is the one im with, remember him yeah me too, well he's just sitting there dumb strucked to even elaborate what he must do or say. 

"No, but we didn't have sex!? What do you take me for? A SLUT!?" I said raising my voice on the last word. 

"Well, look at yourself and figure out my answer" he said walking out with a hurt and heartbroken look on his face. The cheek, how can he be the one hurt when he's practically called me a slut.

"Oh and were going to the beach after breakfast, make sure you leave that behind" he finished.



After Sam and I had gotten dressed we headed to the kitchen for some breakfast. yum.

As we were walking in I noticed everyones eyes were on me and Sam, uncomfortable of course.

"Morning" I said awkwardly. 

"Morning tiger" Sammie winked at me. 

I glared back whilst Sam waved a little and said his greetings. 

"These are my friends, Sammie you've already met, Chaz, Ryan, Alfredo, Lil Za and Jacque whose not so much a friend, and Justin who you have recently met...." I said slightly awkward. 

"Nice to meet you, I'm Sam" he said nodding. 

"Oh we know" Sammie said smirking.

"yeah, nice to meet you, of course if your going to be sticking around you have to earn our trust" Ryan said with Chaz and Fredo agreeing. 

"No need, he's not sticking around, right Sam?" Justin said eyeing him. 

"No your not right... actually if he wants to stay he can, its not up to you Justin" I said glaring at him. 

"Well He's not welcome" he retaliated. 

"well, it's not up to you" I said.

"I actually need to go back to my mates to freshen up and let them know where i've been" Sam said turning me towards him. 

"Sure, don't worry" 

"Like he has any friends" Justin scoffed.

"oh shut up will you" I bit back. 

"Well, i'll just meet you on the beach yeah? Do you mind if a few of my friends come?" he asked. 

"no thats fine, bring who ever, see you then" i said. He kissed my cheek then smirked and kissed me on the lips. Damn he's a good kisser but Justin's better. Did i just say that?

Sam walked out with a little smile and wave at me. 

I turned around to my eager to know everything friends. 

"And no before you ask, we didn't have sex" I said eyeing them all as i grabbed some breakfast. 

"Yeah as if we will believe that" Chaz scoffed.

"Why are you all so damn ignorant. I. did. nothing. with. him. Don't you get it? He was actually a nice person and didn't decide to sleep with an unconscious person!" i said snapping back. 

"Thats hard to believe" Justin said narrowing his eyes. 


Their faces were a picture. They didn't know i had that in me! 

"Im on your side with this one Bree, i think he's nice, so go ahead and shag him thats fine" she said nudging me causing me to give her the biggest glare. "Oh and happy birthday" she said smiling really happily. Justin's face dropped, wow i guess he forgot. 


"Oh shut up, I needed to say it" she said hugging me. 

"Well anyway heres your presents. Open them quick quick quick!" 

"calm down, gosh" This seems to have lightened up my mood. Even Jacque was eager to see what I had got, maybe she's not bad after all. 

As I was finishing to open what they all got me and even Jacque got me something wow, I said thank you to everyone but Justin yet hadn't said happy birthday to me, or even got me a card. I don't care about the present I just want a greeting after all he's my best friend.

He had guilt written across his face so i knew he had forgotten. Wow that really hurt my feelings.

"H-happy birthday bree" he said with a slight smile. 

"t-thanks" i said gulping, tears threatening to fall. I excused myself and made an excuse that I was putting everything in my room but that was useless they all knew me too well, and gave me an apologetic smile to do so. 

What a way to start my birthday. Thanks Justin. 


--A/N, wow im so in to this story but im not sure if anyone is bloody reading, like 2 people thats it! damn i feel like a failure, please comment or else im thinking about stopping because im not sure if anyone is reading. thanks! DONT FORGET TO SHAREEEE WITH EVERYONE---

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